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So... What's your favorite form of art?

Asked by King_Pariah (11446points) August 24th, 2011

And while we’re at it, what’s your favorite piece?

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All of it. I lean toward impressionist painting, but I really appreciate all the different forms.

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I would have to say music, but i’m a huge fan of many types. If you’re asking me to pick a single song, there’s no possible way I could answer.

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Music. Whatever I’m working on. Right now it’s the Faure Requiem, although that’s one of my all time favorites. Glorious music.

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Afterthought: Gastronomy. Favorite: That’s hard. Duck breast with a berry and brandy sauce and wild rice.

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Music, because I don’t know anything about much else.

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Music! A beautiful painting or sculpture has never made me cry but music has! Especially some amazing vocal performances!

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I have to go with literature and film. I have a knack for it.

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love music and poetry. For me it’s hard to choose a favorite poem, but music is currently Mozart (and company) – Requiem

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If we are talking the arts, dance. Watching the human form in motion, the strength, the beauty.

If we are talking paintings, I love the Baroque. I also like abstract like Kadinsky and Rothko.

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I couldn’t pick either a favorite form nor a favorite piece. I’m too fucking well-rounded. Or ignorant. :-P

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I love all forms of art. I’d be hard pressed to pick one above the other, although I do thoroughly enjoy poetry.

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I love art… that’s why I got a major in it. My favorites- photography, sculpture, certain types of paintings, writing/literature, poetry, music, dance. My least favorites- opera, pen/ink drawings, slam poetry, some forms of dance. I respect the skill that goes into my least favorites, just wouldn’t seek them out for entertainment.

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OMG! Do you have some to give away. If thats the case, I would like anything of Claude Monet What don’t I like would be shorter to answer.
I’m not a fan of abstract art, cubism and pop art (hate Andy Warhol).

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I love all forms of art, but my favourite to create myself is probably watercolour painting.

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Music and Nudes (women). ;)

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I love music and although I do love my loud rock and roll… this moves me just as much.

Other than this, I am letting watercolor be my new outlet for expression. A new outlet for a new chapter in my life.

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It was acrylic, then water colours, then oils, for a short time, now it is airbrush all the way.

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