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What are the most common body insecurities that men have?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21413points) August 24th, 2011

In the US, we hear all about the body issues that woman have and there is a lot of effort being put into dealing with these issues. However, we rarely hear about the kinds of issues that men have. I know that a very well-known one is penis size and shape and height is also a well-known body issue for men.

I know that everyone has different personal issues with their bodies, but I’m wondering what kind of body issues are most common among men.

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Penis length and girth. Most common one I hear.

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Being too skinny. Penis size. Receding hairlines.

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I would say number 1 is Penis Size, 2 would be male pattern baldness, and 3 would be beer belly

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In the order I know of:

Tinky Winky size



Flubby gut

*Erectile Dysfunction
almost forgot!

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@Neizvestnaya oh yes I agree on height, that totally slipped my mind

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Thinning hair, expanding waist, flabby arms… you know… all that stuff that seems to happen as you get older! Heh!

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Oh, don’t forget premature ejaculation. Lol

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@King_Pariah oh I thought of that and it was number 2 originally on the list but I didn’t think that was a physical characteristic

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All I see is body issues, not physical characteristics

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Having too much hair, not enough muscles, skinny ankles, etc.

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@King_Pariah: How’s this list for you?

-5” Tinky Winky

-5’10” height

Big forehead (faraway hairline)

Belly that flops over the waistband of pants, even on thin guys.

Tinky Winky that doesn’t get hard when the guy’s excited or goes limp really fast.

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I got no complaints in any of the other areas. No one who counts seems to have complaints about me anywhere. My mother has complaints about my stomach. Like I don’t know already.

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The constant threat of crushed testicles.

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@Cruiser: Constant? Either change your profession or be more careful about what you say to the ladies!

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Man boobs. Ear hair. Bad feet.

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I’ll never see these guys the same again

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@KatawaGrey I ride my bike a lot…ever present danger with all the sewer grates in my neighborhood! ;)

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It begins and ends with the dick. The other shit is just fluff to get folks off the subject of the dick.

Before you all think I am prone to exaggeration, consider the following:

An overweight man, even a morbidly obese man, would take an instantly longer dick over instantly being at their ideal weight.

A bald man would take a longer dick before he would take a full head of hair.

A short guy wants a bigger dick before he wants to be able to dunk a basketball.

A poor fella would continue to scrape by if you gave him an extra few inches.

And, before you all ask, a guy with a truly big dick would still take more dick above all the examples I listed above.

The whole dick size thing is ground in to us by society and ingrained in us by evolution. The “Big Dick Pill” industry is a billion dollar industry and the fucking pills don’t even work! Most of the world’s most famous monuments are phallic. Dicks, Dicks, Dicks, Dicks, Dicks.

And for all of you fellas that want to jump in and say you don’t care or you ain’t never had no complaints, well, you must have a small dick.

for the record, i am hung like a light switch.

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@Blondesjon LMAO!

Penis size truly has never been an issue with me. Yes, I’ve at times wondered what it would be like to be bigger, but since I’ve never had complaints, why bother?

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I used to be insecure about my amount of body hair, but I recently started to embrace it. And so have the wimminz now that the ridiculous trend of liking waifish, vampire-like boys is going the way of the dinosaur, and burly mountain men like myself are making a comeback.

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I always preferred the burly mountain men, just for the record. :P

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Penis size
Being too short
Not having noticeable muscles (either too fat or too skinny)
Losing hair

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skinny ankles is a new one to me simone. :)

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The size of our “meat!” I myself of course am hung like a baby’s arm holding an apple & consequently have no such hang up. No what I dread most is getting old to see my ears grow to the size & shape of satellite dishes…not good!

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@Blondesjon You betchum I’m small. Or average, anyway. But I still ain’t never had no complaints. Although, I suppose I could be big. I never really tried to compare. I’m not one of those guys in the mens room trying to sneak a look at the guy next door.

But if you’re gathering the info to compare yourself, more power to you, dude.

Oh what am I saying????

Come on dude! Bugger me! I am in awe of your cock! Stop being so selfish! Share the wealth! Be a sexual socialist!

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No ass.

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Back hair.

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Oh dear, @CaptainHarley Now there are two guys with no ass.

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Hahahahaha! YIKES! : D

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It’s okay boys. I’ve got enough ass for everyone.

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