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Can a Shark steam mop be used on laminate floors?

Asked by 2davidc8 (7940points) August 25th, 2011

We have 3 types of flooring in our home: travertine tile, carpet, and laminate. I guess laminate is some kind of wood derivative, right?

So, I’m thinking of getting a steam mop. Costco has one made by Shark. I believe this kind of mop is safe to use on carpet, but I’m wondering above the other 2 kinds of flooring.

Any help from someone who has used this kind of mop on the above types of flooring would be greatly appreciated!

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The shark steam mop can be used on your tile and laminate flooring as long as there is no wax on them. Use the steam mop on carpeting (with the carpet attachment) for freshening only. Here’s a Link that might help you.
By the way, I love my Shark.

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I would be very weary about using a steam mop on laminate flooring. It’s basically hard-core cardboard, with a photograph of wood that’s been laminated into a thin surface coat. Laminates can be remarkably durable, but are very vulnerable to moisture. If the moisture seeps in between the seams, it can turn your floors into a sloppy mess. I’ve been told to clean my laminate floor with a dry swifter.

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Here I was thinking laminate was some type of plastic. Is it wood? I hate it at my house and the Shark thing made it start peeling up and looking even worse than how it started. Now I just use Lysol wipes on the laminate.

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@gorillapaws – just saw your answer. That explains it :)

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Laminate flooring is not made of cardboard. It’s generally a synthetic composite of resin and fiber board. It can be warped from excessive moisture, however. I wouldn’t use a steam mop on my laminate floor.

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