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I have downloaded a song on my iphone and i want to put it as a ringtone how the hell do i do this !

Asked by tammybligh (5points) May 5th, 2008

ringtones on the iphone

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When you say downloaded…...from Music Store, or from a web-site as a ready made ringtone?

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I downloaded it form itunes and is now on my ipod and on the purchased downloads on my itunes button of the phone. Sorry i useless at all this. xx

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You have to sync your iPhone with your computer, then pay another fee to buy the ringtone. If you have a Mac then you can use garageband and make it into a ringtone for free.

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There is a thread that discussed this…....trying to find it….

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OK, there’s endless threads on this question, but the thing I was looking for was this: an alternative to going via garageband.

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