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Are your smoke alarms working?

Asked by Bellatrix (21228points) August 25th, 2011

Do you have smoke alarms in your house? Do they work well and if they work well, what type do you have? If they don’t work well or you don’t have them, why?

Eleven people just died in a house fire here and this sad event prompted my question.

We have smoke alarms but we have taken out the batteries because they go off every time we cook a piece of toast or anything. I am going to put them back in because it bothers me that they aren’t working. However, I have tried many different types, but they don’t seem to work very well and I wonder if other people have this experience with them? I wonder how many homes are out there with smoke alarms on the ceiling that have no batteries in them?

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Yes, they are brand new. They weren’t working for a long time. :X

My neighbor, and close friend, was in a house fire and she is always on my case about my smoke alarms. Finally got them in working condition. We had one that worked before, now we have two.
I’m trying to figure out what type they are, but I can’t see to read them where they are attached.

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The smoke alarms in our house are wired into the wall and controlled by a central system. It’s all my dad’s doing and I know he tests them every now and then so I’m sure they work fine. I’m assuming there’s some kind of battery backup in case a fire happens while the power’s out, but I honestly don’t know. :\

As for them going off for stupid reasons, I suppose it depends on where the smoke alarms are placed. We haven’t had that problem at my parents’ house. But in the house I lived in during the last school year, we had a smoke alarm in the kitchen that would go off all the time so we just took the battery out. But there was another one not far from it that didn’t go off because of cooking; I’m not sure it was even necessary to have one in the kitchen.

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I don’t have a smoke alarm. I have heat alarms. They are much specific and less likely to be triggered by false alarms (which is nice).

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@Lightlyseared At what temp do they go off….nevermind. I just re-read your user name.

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I got only a gas one who alerts the local fire department. They came several times because the lighter had some problems and we couldn’t start the fire fast enough.

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We have a family tradition that on your birthday, you get to check (set off) the fire alarm. The birthday boys really loved it when they were small, and now it’s not a real birthday until they get to check the alarm.

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Funny what kids find amusing. On each of my kid’s 13th birthday they GOT TO LEARN THE MYSTERIES OF THE WASHER AND DRYER! Honest injun, they were thrilled! They were even thrilled that they were now in charge of washing their own clothes! They were thrilled for about…one week, when they started running out of clean clothes when they were getting ready for school. : ) Then they bitched. And I just said, “Well, washum!” Then they tried and tried to get over on me by throwing clothes in MY hamper. I would go to all the trouble of sorting out whose was whose and throwing them back in THEIR hamper!

Wait…we were talking about smoke detectors. How did this happen??

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Lol that is so funny @Yarnlady. What a great tradition.

How long did this fascination with the washer and dryer last @Dutchess_III? I seem to recall my boy was really into washing dishes for a couple of days…

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Ours work just fine, as evidenced by the last time I baked when there were already grease drippings in the oven.

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They work almost too well. They tell us when our food is done or about to be.

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I’m a smoke alarm. I work just fine…..just, uh, playing on a small error in the Q! :)

@Bellatrix About a week, when they started running out of clean-clothes-on-demand!

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Lol@the small error @Dutchess_III… funny! You are on fire today!

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Yes, we have four bedrooms and each has a smoke alarms plus each hallway has one. There is also a carbon monoxide detector (by the garage door). All are functioning batteries.

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Aright. Aint none of them gots batteries. I’m on fire @Bellatrix…that’s…profound!

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We have a fire alarm, but it is annoying that it goes off every other time we cook. I finally convinced my mother to buy a fire extinguisher a week or so ago, but we’ve yet to put it up. I’ll probably do it this weekend. I’m very paranoid about house fires, especially since we have a lot of pets.

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Yes they are, they’re vigorously tested everytime the wife attempts to cook…..bless ;¬}

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Lol@ucme. You do love to live a life of danger :D

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My thoughts exactly, when I bite into those “culinary delights” :¬(

Bellatrix's avatar going to log into Fluther one day .. and then I hope you can run REAL fast :D

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She’s actually “hovering” behind me as I ty….....PE!!!!! OWWWWWWW!!

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