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When was the last time you had a great day, and why was it?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21660points) August 25th, 2011

as asked.

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Well, it was 1983 and I remember it like it was yesterday Today was pretty good. I have more free time now that my kids are in school, so I went to have my nails done and get hair ripped out of my face!

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Today and yesterday were great. Went on a road trip. Saw Sheperdstown WV, which is a very old, very cute town. It was great, because I was on a road trip with my hubby.

And it ended today with lunch with Augustlan, Fly, Mangeons and Laineybug. A good time!

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Probably on my birthday yesterday when I went skydiving and then headed off to Yosemite… :D It’d been a while since I’d been to Yosemite and I had almost forgotten just how incredibly amazing it is. Oh, and the skydiving went well too :P Definitely the best birthday in several years…gonna be hard to top that.

And believe me, I’m not picky about “great days”. I don’t have to do all that just for it to be a great day, but that was just yesterday, so that’s the most recent :)

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Today is not officially over. If nothing goes really wrong in the next 4 hours then today wins, yeah.

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Today. Had a good day at work. Decent work out. Made a good dinner. Had a glass of wine. Watched the news. Looking forward to tomorrow.

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Today was pretty damn good since my throat wasn’t killing me to no end. Yay for freaking me! Yay!

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Yesterday and today. Our town is having its fall festival, and our daughter had her dance recital on the main stage in the park yesterday. She also got to ride on a float during the parade (her first parade experience) this afternoon. She is currently at the carnival with her best friend, so my husband and I took advantage of a rare opportunity to go out to eat (just the two of us).

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Yesterday was pretty excellent. I finally heard back on a submitted manuscript (not accepted, but not rejected either), helped my coworker with a talk, had a good conversation with my favorite aunt, found a fun new ramen place for dinner, went on a little adventure, and had a great time hanging out with the boyfriend.

@DominicX, happy belated!

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A while ago. And that was because of my boyfriend. I have been so depressed lately. :/

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Saturday was a great day. Took $20.00 to the casino and walked out with $300.

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Today. It was a putzing about day. I did a little of this, little of that, bit of nothing.

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@faye LOL! I thought I was the only that putzed. Is it one of your favorite things to do, too!?

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Today. I beat my personal best on the treadmill, I had someone weed out all the rampant lemon balm in the garden, a red-tailed hawk rode the thermals high in the southern sky, it rained, and then the sun came out.

The power did not go out, my nephew’s complicated hand surgery was successful, Milo happily hung out with the butterflies in the thistle, the male gold finches flitted in and out of the wild yellow sunflowers, my brush hog guy is coming on Friday to mow the fields, and I ate four ears of fresh corn for dinner.

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@AmWiser It sure is. I actually get some stuff done but mostly I feel good.


My last birthday was a great day. I had a half day off from work, celebrated it with family at a nice restaurant, had fun, and was in good spirits.

To me, any day that goes “smoothly” at work and at home is a great day.

Sometimes, however, it can all go the other way, and I end up with a pretty crappy day, like most people experience occasionally.

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Honestly, it’s been a while. I’ve been in a bit of a ‘bad day slump’. Hopefully, I’ll have a great day soon. What about you, @poisonedantidote?

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So far, today has been more than great! Our school does this thing called a “Kindergarten Spirit Walk” and it’s so fun and cute! All the kindergarten parents and the older classes line up in the hallways and the kindergarteners are walked through every hallway to receive cheers, claps, high fives and hugs. It’s celebrating the fact that they survived the first week of school. They also do a Spirit Walk for the 6th graders on the last day of school, since they’re graduating to Junior High.

Anyway… that was awesome and adorable. But… I’ve been pressured into playing softball tonight, and I really don’t want to. So we’ll see how awesome my day is after the game, lol.

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I can’t remember the last time I had a really great day because, in order for a day to be really great for me I would have to be completely free of anxiety and that is very, very rare. However, the last day I managed to have a fun time despite my anxiety was on Monday (22nd Aug) when my dad and I spent the afternoon in London and went to see a show in the evening.

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