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What kind of adapter do I need to hook up a DVD player to my TV?

Asked by Carly (4555points) August 25th, 2011

My tv is an old, heavy Sanyo with only one connection in the back (I’m assuming for cable). I’m going to buy a dvd player tonight, but I know that most, if not all require the three colored connections in the back of a tv (yellow, red, white). Will most dvd players come with the adapter I need for my TV, or will I have to buy it separately. I don’t know what it’s called, so a link might also be helpful. Thanks :)

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You might double check the set, and see if you have the 3 RCA jack inputs (the yellow, white, and red). They have been common on sets for a long, long time. It could be in a small compartment below the screen, or behind the set, with a cover over it. Don’t be surprised if its there.

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nope, absolutely not there. This Tv is pretty old. I got it for free from a friend who didn’t think it was worth selling.

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You may need a RF Modulator to convert the tri cord into the tv. (Ie: DVD Player tri cord to RF – RF cable cord to TV)

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I do not know of any DVD players that have that output. You will need to get an adapter to go from coax input on tv which is analog to the digital output on DVD player.

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You will need most likely need an RF modulator

And an A/V switch

or a switching modulator if you don’t want to fool with an extra device and cables.

@coffeenut sort of got there first, but I think you will need the switch too because your TV is too old to be able to switch back and forth between your cable input from your set top box, if you have cable and the input from the DVD player..

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@lillycoyote so either an RF modulator + an A/V swith, OR just a switching modulator?
Are there more reasons to just get a switching modulator (price maybe) or is it just easier because it’s only one thing I have to use?

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Yes, exactly the modulator and the switch OR the switching modulator. It’s really just how you want to do it. It’s probably less money, by maybe 15 bucks to get them separately depending on whether you need to buy additional coaxial cables or have some lying around the house, and if one goes bad can be replaced. I think the switching modulator is going to be more expensive but neater. Only one device, not so many cables.

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I use the cheapo solution for my 3rd bedroom TV:
1) connect DVD player (Red, White, Yellow) to the input of a VCR
2) use the Ch3 antenna output of the VCR

You see, VCRs have modulators built-in. I had 2 in the attic, so I did not need to spend a dime.

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