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The girl/boy you went out on a date with, after you took her/him home, asks you if you want to come up 'for a coffee' but you are not interested. What is your excuse?

Asked by rebbel (24816points) August 25th, 2011

Of course most Jellies are very assertive and right to the point, and would answer something like “Look, I had a pretty nice evening with you, but I am sorry, I don’t think it would work out, the two of us.”
So, imagine you aren’t that assertive, more so, you are quite shy and not very direct.
What would be your lame, a bit cowardly maybe even, yet funny for the sake of the question excuse to not come for coffee?

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‘I have to wash my hair,’ of course.

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You can say: Thanks nice to meet you but I have to go sorry.

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“I have to get home to play online Myth II: Soulblighter with some old gaming friends.”

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I have an early morning and have to get going…… personally I would just tell it like it is but if that don’t work then I would go with that response.

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I think the best to be honest, though it is not nice but you don’t confuse people. Just say politely that it was nice meeting you but I don’t think it is good idea for me to come up.

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It depends on how the date went. Usually it’s just, “Uhhhhh…” (checks wrist even though not wearing a watch) “It’s getting late. Bye.” But once on a really bad date that wouldn’t end I said I had cramps.

I’ve always wanted to bust out some non-sensical excuse like “I’d love to, but I have to rearrange my sock drawer” or something like that.

Now I’m remembering that scene from Seinfeld where they’re like, “coffee is never just coffee! Coffee is sex!”

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@Londongirl Yup, that would be best, I agree.
The question though is to imagine that you cannot be that honest and you have to come up with a lame excuse.

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Sorry. I am just not that into you.

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I would probably say something that I knew would seriously scare of the guy if I really didn’t like him. I might say, “Sorry, I have a big Magic tournament in the morning and I have to run some drafting simulations with my team tonight.” Or, I might say, “Oh, sorry, but I’m meeting with a seamstress in the morning to go over the details for my costume for the Star Trek convention in Vegas.” Then I would start chatting animatedly about the Trek actors who were going to be there and who I’d already met and who I can’t wait to meet. :-P

In all seriousness, though, if I really liked the person but didn’t want to go up to their apartment or house to have sex, I would probably just say that I wanted to get to know them a little better before we had sex and then give them another date and time to hang out so they wouldn’t think I was just brushing them off nicely.

Honestly, I’ve never been in this situation. I might actually just choke and start sweating profusely.

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I have explosive diarrhea.

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The mothership is touching in down in 0100 hours and I have to be ready for tagging, otherwise, I would love to… maybe next time. dart for the nearest exit

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I have to go home and lick my cat. She can’t do it herself, ya see…

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“Uh…I have a headache.”

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I simply can’t, The Nanny is coming on Nick at Night in 10 minutes and I don’t have a DVR, plus I have to get home and change into my outfit (the last part is made up, I don’t really don’t have an outfit, although I’d like to, but the first part is the God’s honest truth!)

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@Kardamom Ah! I love the Nanny!

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Sorry my herpes is flaring up.

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Herpes flare-up.

dammit, A.

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Kidding. I’m clean

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@Adirondackwannabe .. No, we had the same response, lol

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@Jude I’m flunkering for the first time ever, so watch out.

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I hear my smoke alarm going off.

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I’m sorry I have a duel at midnight. I’d take the coffee offer up but I don’t want my hands to shake, I’m sure you understand.
Say… Would you like to be my second? I think I still need a second, hold on I need to go make a call, are you interested though? Because you can if you want to I think…

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I’d better not, the last time I drank coffee at night, I whizzed like a racehorse right in the middle of my Mother In law’s living room. Unless, of course you have some of that Resolve carpet cleaner and then maybe I could re-consider. Heh heh : )

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- I suffer from premature ejaculation.

- It’s ok, I have desensitizing cream.

- I disappointed you 20 minutes ago, you just did not notice. Night.

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You’re stepping on my hemorrhoid.

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I have to go clean my andirons.

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Want to see a picture of my tonsil stone?

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Sorry – I’m just not into you.

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@zen: At which point she’d respond, “I know, I invited you upstairs to fix that.”

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“Ahh, yes….you see it’s like this, coffee brings me out in a rash & anyway, mummy says I have to be in by ten. She does like to tuck me in & read a few lines of Brer Rabbit before I go to sleep…...byeeeee!!”

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@rebbel Sure, but my point is to not confuse people by being honest. No need for lame excuse, a polite yet honest answer is the best.

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@KatawaGrey Yeah, in a movie. In real life she’d slap, cry, run, curse… pick one.

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