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Do you think the ability to store fat, is an evolution for humans?

Asked by dreamwolf (3163points) August 25th, 2011

I understand that some people with high metabolism feel the need to eat all the time. Understandably, they are in fact needing as much energy as they can because due to higher energy outputs within their body. Now, for some reason I believe the ability to store fat, is adaptive and beneficial evolution from an Anthropology stand point, because in the past, when we were hunting, animal fat was hard to come across. And fat is needed for our brain to function well, it’s technically the same substance needed to create the brain tissue. Anyways, I have friends who are really skinny, but can’t run as long as my friends who tend to weigh more, and I think if you put a fat guy and skinny guy on an island that were chained up, the fat guy would live longer. Does that statement validate my thinking that storing fat is an ability and beneficial evolution?

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It was, but from an American stand point, we could do without.

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Yes, but hold the mayo.

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Yeah, and whales.

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Nope. The US Constitution has a phrase that speaks of being “endowed by our Creator with certain alienable rights”. Note the word “Creator”. That pretty well rules out our evolving in any respect.

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Yes, yes I do. And I shall be using that as my excuse for those extra few pounds whilst I do my best to work them off :-)

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Judging how fast I can put weight on, I have evollved really well

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Yes, a certain amount of body fat is beneficial. We need it for a variety of reasons relating to health, and too much or too little is damaging. One interesting factoid is that women who are right between “Healthy” and “Obese” on the BMI (which is a retarded system) are the longest lived.

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