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Will our bloodlust for Arab dictators continue unchecked into our own hemisphere where other dictatorial regimes trample the human rights of their people?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10191points) August 25th, 2011

After killing Hussein, and Osama are we starting to look around for more people to target?

Qaddafi is ready to fall and already the leader of Syria seems to be next in line. Will we just make our way through all of the middle eastern leaders we don’t like?

When we’re done with the middle east who’s next? Will this type of military activism spread into our own hemisphere?

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Yes… You just need a riot to get out of hand and organize itself into something bigger. It looks like every G20 meeting or Stanley Cup Playoff Final has the spark.

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Yes, because “we” are responsible for Qaddafi and Assad’s downfall.~

Qaddafi is being fought by Libyans, most of them considered “rebels” as part of the Arab Spring. Yes, NATO is aiding the rebels, but it is not just the United States deciding we don’t like Qaddafi and getting rid of him. It is his own people who are getting rid of him. Some of Qaddafi’s closest supporters have defected to the rebels.

We haven’t even intervened in Syria yet; the international community has left Syria to themselves. The Syrians are rising against Al-Assad; the United States has had no part in it.

Osama was not an “Arab dictator”, he was a terrorist leader of the Taliban.

I’ll give you Hussein.

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I hope so.
What goes around…....
Plus I don’t want my Vendetta mask to go to unused.

Jokes aside, Qaddafi is no more a tyrant than out own oligarchy, he just has some valuable black stuff and some dangerous ideas regarding democracy and his lethal plan was to back his countries currency with Gold standard. (Which the US federal reserve in no mood for at the moment)

Get your V on !
or cowardly stay on the dark side.

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The next African-muslim dictator the Right want to get rid of??? Barack Obama.

Seriously, we assisted factions getting rid of Hussein and Qaddafi, but those factions carried most of the water. We just aided their cause.

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I’m crossing my fingers. I have little faith in the American populace to correctly identify their own predicament, though. Americans and Canadians in particular are much to insulated, coddled, and conditioned by the narrative of pseudo-democracy. Riots and revolts are what happen over there, in those other places.

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I don’t think we have a bloodlust for Arab dictators, if they could be deposed with no blood being shed that would be fine. We are quite particular in which Arab dictators we want to depose. Saudi Arabia which is ruled by an authoritarian King and has no elections and no political parties seems safe. The people of Bahrain rose up against their tyrannical government earlier this year in a rising with so much popular support that military force had to be requested from surrounding countries. That military force was supplied and the rising was violently suppressed while the West stood by.

People in the West hate political suppression and injustice and our governments manipulate us by stirring up our feelings selectively in order to further political aims.

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So do we take on Hugo Chavez?

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Hugo Chavez? No my friend. Look north. Look at those socialist Canucks. The ones who offer free health care to all. It’s anti-competitive and it hurts the American economy more than anything else. Plus, their wages are so low and their dollar is so low high compared to our dollar. They are getting too big for their britches, those maple leafers. They need to be taken down a notch.

They have some kind of socialist government, too. I think everyone is required to vote for the winner. And they are stealing American lobsters and are keeping us out of the fisheries. It’s damn near communism. Restraint of trade. Besides which. Look at all that oil. Mmmmm. Oil. That’s what we’re sending our young men to die for: oil.

No, Mr. @Ltryptophan. Oil is the name of the game, and Canada is where we’re headed next! Mark my words.

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Venezuela’s got a lot of oil too.

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Wundayatta, I typed a big response, and clicked away. Sorry, I can’t use up that much time to retype it.

The essence of it is that I don’t think we should be toppling regimes that might create new regimes that we can’t control at all! Our domestic problems need attention, and a good place to start is to look at Brazil’s example and gain oil independence.

So I am sorry your rant was lost on me. I’m not a democratically controlled capitalist utopian asking loaded questions. I don’t see how I gave that impression. I think the question doesn’t take any side.

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Your question doesn’t take any side? Surely you can’t be that disingenuous. “blood lust?” You’re right. That’s not a loaded term. What could I have been thinking?

Looks to me like you missed the satirical nature of my answer. An answer which to my mind, wa entirely appropriate for your totally leading question.

The US shouldn’t be invading any more countries, nor will it. You’re tilting at the wrong windmill.

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Hey I think bloodlust might never’ve seen more a propos employment outside a vampire movie! Be of good cheer…

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Great question.
Although you shouldn’t have used the word ‘we’ but rather ‘They’.
regarding… ”‘are we starting to look around for more people to target?”

They will quickly loose their power when they cease to be thought of as part of ‘we’ and just become ‘them’.

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