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I am looking for some free legal mp3's. Is there such a thing? Where?

Asked by lbus1229 (338points) May 5th, 2008 from iPhone
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There is no way to download mp3s legally for free. Some bands put out free cds such as radiohead and NIN but aside from that no sorry. Just use torrents.

The choice is free or legal. I personally am a big fan of free ^_^

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Free AND legal?
...sounds like you’re outta luck…

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Here is a way to search google for mp3 files only.
Copy this and past it into google.
It might just turn up the whole album if you’re lucky.

“Name of Artist / Song / Album” intitle:index.of mp3 -html -htm -php -asp -txt -pls

…Much “safer” than torrenting – if that’s what you’re interested in.

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hey wait a minute, you posted almost the exact same question a month ago, what gives?

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Breefield dont bother doing all that. Just go to it does all that for you and sends you directly to music indexs. There just isnt as much music on google as torrents so i stick to them.

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@ibus: on the computer, your earlier question is clearly listed under “Siblings.”

And I quote: “Does anyone know of a good website to get free legal MP3’s?”

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free AND legal can be found by searching the recordings at

It’s great!

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There are lots of free legal music, just because the RIAA (and others like them) says that everything on the internet is illegal and every download is piracy it’s just wrong… of course, copyright and intellectual property law it’s very different from one country to another, but generally the mp3 nor the act of download nor the sharing is illegal; it’s the profit you make from selling other people’s work what’s illegal.

That being said…

- Internet Archive which was already mentioned
Audio – Creative Commons
Welcome to Audiofarm – Audio sharing – Netaudio music
Grooveshark—Listen to Music for Free Online; Download Music and Earn Free Songs for Sharing, which is actually “semi-free”: when you sign-up you get US$5 (I did, at least, but that might have been because of the invite code) but you can get credit by sharing stuff, and there’s also their lite version where you can hear music directly from your browser without having an account
Another Nine Inch Nails album out under a Creative Commons license – Creative Commons is out today
Discos ยป Super 45 a chilean blog (in spanish) that every Friday posts legal downloads of discs released for free by netlabels
coldplay their new single is available as a free download
Matador Records | Matablog they released a label sampler for free on their blog

and so on… some of these sites license their content using Creative Commons, which means that you are even free to (at least) re-distribute them

It’s not just the lesser know artists that release their content for free, it’s not just Radiohead and NIN… for instance, Massive Attack released Mezzanine (probably their better known disc) for free months before it was released on CD… like 10 years ago

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in a nutshell, if you download a piece of copywrited material ( generally any song, book, mag, or movie that has been pressed into a cd, lp, DVD,paper, etc.) and been sold in any retail store or website, its stealing and you can be prosecuted. End of story!

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