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What causes someone to get banned on Fluther?

Asked by Devoted_To_This (1points) May 5th, 2008 from iPhone
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I think if you check the “learn more” area above, you might find out about how this site is used.

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When you type in your question, details and tags, below – in red- is “Fluther Guidelines.”

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The same type of abusive behavior that got you banned the first hundred times, Zack.

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Some of us tried to help you zack. You fucked people over that offered you advice.

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Inappropriate behaviour, the creation of multiple user accounts, gaming of the points system, and everything else outlined on Not to mention asking questions like “How often do you shave your penis/vagina?” and “How many girls do you f**k a day?” within moments of each other.

Please stop making the moderators’ lives hard, Zack. Don’t post questions or say things to people that you wouldn’t say to their face. If you believe you would say these things in person, then you have bigger issues than being banned from Fluther.

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And why does he and all his multiple personalities think that we find any of this even remotely amusing?

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If someone is being nasty, or hurtful they also deserve to be banned. I suffer from “Dyslexia” and have had some Nasty, Hurtful, comments made to me! If I change my username to “Dyslexia” will people go easy on me. PLEASE.

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Stop whining and take your medicine.

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I never said I could’nt take a joke. Nice one Kevbo.

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Sorry, that was for Mr. Multiple Personality. I should have made that more clear. My sincere apologies to you, BMF.

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whoa! How do you know this is zack!

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Check his profile. Also, the usual responses cropped up in other questions earlier today.

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Is he creating multiple user accounts? Maybe, but maybe… just maybe…it might be some of the presidents cabinet and staff members.

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Well, it’s not Bush. He doesn’t spell or punctuate as well as BMF. (Per Kevbo; check out profile. )

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