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Can I revive these APC batteries?

Asked by XOIIO (18328points) August 26th, 2011

I have a set of batteries from the rack mount APC ups’es, can I revive then with the method where you zap them with a car battery?

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What is wrong with them?

The best thing to do once a UPS battery quickly depletes, slow or no charge is replace them.

Why risk it.

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I think the “zapping” method is for NiCd batteries. Most UPS’s use lead-acid.

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No, these are most likely lead-acid gel batteries and that technique won’t work.
Unfortunately there’s not a lot you can do to bring gel cells back from the dead. Regular floodies are a little different, but you don’t see those in UPS applications for obvious reasons.

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@blueiiznh The APC says they are dead, and damn I was hoping I could revive them. My server setup needs more :(

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Buy just the batteries from APC, they will recycle your old ones for you.

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I bought some lawn tractor batteries and wired them in series to get them to 24 volts and hooked them up to my apc. They will run my router for better than a day.

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