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Are there any jellies in the line of Irene's path that needs some love, hugs and general support from a distance?

Asked by nebule (16436points) August 26th, 2011

Not really knowing where all my fellow jellies live, (although I know a lot of you live in the US – of course it’s a big place!) I just wondered if the collective wanted to spread some love around for anyone a little bit scared or a lot scared…

And I am not from hurricane territory in the UK, so I’m not really sure how serious it is or could get…but my thoughts are with you guys anyway so wanted to open it up to those in need of support and those willing to give what little one can, from afar….

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Just found this!

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@nebule Thanks for your thoughts. I’m on the western edge of it’s path. JilltheTooth is looking right at the center of it. I’m glad I’m not in her shoes.

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I probably won’t see anything significant in central NC.

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Oh no :( my thoughts are with you both and of course anyone else…I can’t imagine what it must be like :-/ xxxxx

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I am preparing for power outage (which could last several days) so I welcome hugs. I am in the Maryland suburbs outside of DC.

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I’m not feeling all that worried. We should be about 90 miles from the eye of the hurricane. Maybe 60 mph winds. There will be some trees knocked down and maybe electric outages, but probably that won’t last long. We have lots of water (left over from Y2K, believe it or not). Lots of canned food. A plan to eat all the stuff in the frizzer, if that goes out.

Hand cranked radio. Full tank of gas.

The only big deal, really, is that our vacation has been delayed, meaning we’ll lose a day or more that we will never get back. We didn’t buy trip insurance, either. Sigh. It could be exciting, though, to go there afterwards. I wonder if we’ll even get in.

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@marinelife Wow. Same here! Right now it’s nice here in DC. Definitely the literal calm before you know what. : )

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Im in southern NJ. They keep saying its supposed to be pretty bad around here but we’ll see. Im personally not all that worried about it. I get off work saturday before the rain starts and have off sunday so I can just say safe in my basement. Only thing that concerns me is some flooding but I should be siliconing the leak today.

My plan is just to relax inside with my girl, drink hurricanes and get busy to this

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hmm im lookin at weather channel and it just got downgraded from a cat 3 to cat 1 by the time it hits me though it looks the eye is coming more direct so it looks like nothing really changed lol

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We’re in Zone C, the green area and should expect major flooding, so it says. My mom is getting supplies and water. Alex and I will do so as well tonight. The subway will start closing down at 12 noon tomorrow and so we’re inside for the weekend, hopefully it’ll be okay. We have a nearby High School where we can go if we must evacuate. I just found out I’m going to be teaching a course at a university next week so I will take the two days indoors to figure out my syllabus, provided internet works which it probably won’t.

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@wundayatta, where’s your vacation destination?

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My wife wrote:
Here’s the latest from our Real Estate Agent…. I like the part about hoping that “the storm heads out to see.” I think they’re in a hurry to get out of there.

Hurricane Update for our Guests

Dear Mrs. Wundy,

We wanted to touch base with you concerning your reservation. Your arrival date was somewhere between August 26th and August 29th, 2011. You we contacted earlier with news that you needed to delay your arrival because of Hurricane Irene.

We’d like you to know that there are mandatory evacuations on our island and all surrounding mainland areas. We will be closing our office at end of business today, August 26th and we will reopen AS SOON AS WE ARE ABLE TO GET BACK ONTO THE ISLAND (Sunday if possible, but it will probably be Monday).

The storm is supposed to pass over us Sunday morning. We’re all hoping, of course, that the storm heads out to see before coming our way. In any case, once we are able to get back to the office, WE WILL BE CALLING YOU FIRST WITH INFORMATION about your reservation, when you can arrive, etc.

In the meantime, we are at this time updating our web page every few hours with information. Once the storm hits, the best source of information may be our Facebook page—Chincoteague Resort Realty —as we expect to lose power for a period of time.
We thank you for your patience during this severe weather. We appreciate your business, and want to do our best so that you will continue to return to Chincoteague Resort Realty for your vacation plans.


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@janbb is a half mile from the Jersey shore. At least I’ve got Long Island protecting me from the worst of the storm surge, so let’s direct prayers or thoughts or whatever to our direct coastal Jellies. Roads are already bad as people are evacuating from this area. Not mandatory, but probably for comfort reasons. Should be an…er…adventure!

Aw, Wundy, I hope you guys get your vacation!

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It should lose a bit of steam by the time it gets up here to my area of MA. I’ll be working in a hospital with a fallout shelter on Sunday, anyway.

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I have my candles, food, and alcohol. I’m good.

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i love how a gut reaction to the thought of being stuck inside for a couple days means get a bunch of alcohol lol

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@uberbatman I actually have a book I have been wanting to catch up on, so I’m looking forward to having no electricity and being forced into boredom lol.

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OMG! This storm really is bad! They’ve halted liquor sales in Dewey Beach!. If that doesn’t get people to leave, nothing will. Dewey Beach without liquor is nothing but a beach.

This wouldn’t really mean anything to anyone who’s never been to Dewey, but it’s kind of funny if you have.

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I would have thought that most of the denizens of Dewey would have gone back to school by now. So the lack of liquor wouldn’t be quite so much of a problem.

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@lillycoyote “Dewey Beach without liquor is nothing but a beach.” LOL, I’ve been there and know exactly what you mean. They take drinking seriously over there.

I’m in the suburbs of DC, and the electric company here is the worst… normal thunderstorms have put out the power for upwards of three days around here, so who knows what Irene will bring. Stocking up on ice and non-perishable food to get through the inevitable power outage.

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@Haleth Thanks. I’m glad somebody understands and got it. I thought it was pretty funny considering that the governor already ordered mandatory evacuations of the coastal resorts and areas around the bays downstate. I guess there must be people lingering there and the last thing emergency personnel needs is drunken tourists doing stupid things. Anyway, things look better than they did 24 hours ago, in terms of storm projections. The storm has veered somewhat east, out to the ocean and it looks like the winds aren’t going to be quite so bad. While I certainly prefer a light breeze, given the options, I will take 80mph winds over 105mph winds any day.

And I don’t know how the electric thing is going to play out. It’s such a big storm and is traveling over such a very large, densely populated area… usually, if a storm is more localized, say in Florida or the Carolinas or the Gulf, and I’m sure this is the case everywhere, crews from our area, our local power company, will go down to the affected areas and help out. But if this storm causes extensive damage to power lines all up the eastern seaboard no local power company is going to have anyone to spare and everyone’s going to be on their own.

Good luck!

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@wundayatta Plus, the governor already issued a mandatory evacuation of the coastal resorts. But it’s not Labor Day yet. I really don’t know why the mayor ordered the halt of liquor sales. I can’t imagine who’s left there to buy liquor.

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@lillycoyote Well, I can imagine the mindset of a certain type of Dewey Beach vacationer:

Who wants to evacuate? That’s for pussies. We’re going to have the bitchinest hurricane party ever.

* liquor store is closed. *

* punches something * Man, fuck this, brah. Let’s get out of here.

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@Haleth LOL! That’s kind of what I was thinking, but not quite with the visuals :-). It seemed kind of unnecessary after the evacuation order was issued but it may have been the only way to get the stragglers out.

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I did a little map sex with Photoshop and came up with this. While not perfect it might put things into some perspective.

That is the Fluther Map with the most recent from StormPulse as a overlay.

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@johnpowell With all due respect, how is that map sex? And in what perspective is it supposed to be putting us?

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@lillycoyote :: Two maps uniting is always exciting.

It sounds like the person asking is from the UK and probably doesn’t have the best grasp of population density in the United States. It is the best estimate you will get to see how many people on Fluther will have to deal with the hurricane in some way.

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@johnpowell You’re right I am from the UK…thought your map was insightful x

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@johnpowell That was great. Thanks.

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That was hilarious. I was just at work today and got sent home early because we were so dead. I work right next to an Acme. Their parking lot was completely empty too. So im like alright no one wants to go out at all today, smart… so I thought “Let me run to Canals(liquor store) real quick and pick up some alcohol for tonight hopefully they’ll still be open since everyone else is closed.” Their parking lot was completely packed as was the closed store next to their lot lol. Goes back exactly on what I said above. Im ready for the storm now :)

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well that hurricane was extremely anticlimatic for me. (I suppose thats good in a way but i still wanted to see a cool storm) . We lost power here though im not sure why because it wasnt bad at all when we did. It rained a bit and was kinda windy but nothing seemed to be much affected by it. I’ve def seen worse normal storms than this hurricane. Oh well… Hope everyone else in its path was/is safe.

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@uberbatman Did you get nice and drunk?

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glad it wasn’t so bad @uberbatman xxxx

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@wundayatta yea I did. actually had a really nice night getting drunk and playing board games by candle light all night.

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