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What are some of your favorite hair and makeup looks?

Asked by spittingamethyst (246points) August 26th, 2011

I have a party to go to. And I always feel like I look plain. Any help out there?

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Yeah,just be yourself and have more confidence in you and your look.A big beautiful confident smile and an equal look in your eyes are far more important than any hair style or make up.

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This is nice, andThis. Just my opinion thanks for listening.

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It depends on your own looks and what you will be wearing to the party and the type of party it is. Do you have a friend (one you trust to not make you look silly) whose make-up, hair you admire? Why not ask them over for an evening and play with some make-up and hairstyles. Take some photos of the different looks and see what suits you. I really think less is more. Don’t go overboard. Healthy, shiny hair and enough make-up to highlight your best features is really all you need.

If you don’t have a friend, speak to a relative who uses cosmetics or check out your local beauty salon and see how much they charge to show you how to apply make-up. You could also check out your local department store. Often beauticians at make-up counters will demonstrate what different products look like but there is usually an expectation you will buy something.

If none of this works, get out your make-up and play yourself. Look on YouTube, there are a million different girls showing you how to try out different looks. It just takes practise.

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white eyeliner!

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@Christian95 that is almost a direct quote from my profile… and it is there because I couldn’t agree more.

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@ANef is Enuf sorry,the similarity wasn’t intentional,I just wrote my own opinion about “plaatic beauty”

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So totally this!

I collect vintage clothing. I love hats gloves, shoes dresses… Yeah!

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