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How do I install custom firmware on a PSP ?

Asked by mirza (5052points) May 5th, 2008

Ok i have a fat PSP running firmware 3.71. Any idea how to put custom firmware on it. I dont care what version of the custom firmware it is as long as its custom.

I already tried google, watched atleast ten tutorials on youtube and spent over 4 hours trying to figure this out. Btw i already have a spare battery and memory stick.

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actually its running 3.73

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You can find the custom fireware here as far as applying it im not to sure its been close to a year since i did mine. I dont remember it being all that hard though. All i can really remember is putting a .tif file into your picture folder and executing it form there. From that point on it just self installed just make sure you dont turn off your psp. Sorry i couldnt be of more help.

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I haven’t kept up on it, but i have done about 2 dozen PSP downgrades and i still know where to obtain all the info, but from what it seems, you need to upgrade your firmware to a custom 3.71 M33, once you do that, you then need to apply the 3.71 M33 -> 1.5 PSP firmware downgrader.

PSP 3.71 -> 3.71 M33
PSP 3.71 M33 -> 1.50

Also, if someone else is thinking about this method, it might be good it might not. With PSP firmwares, its alot easier to downgrade the older version ones, so if you have a low firmware, then you should need to do this method. But if you have 3.71, this is the only way to go. Cheers and GL.

p.s. Please exercise caution when doing any of this. You can easily ”Brick” your PSP if you don’t know what your doing. Read the steps and take your time i can’t stress this enough.

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**EDIT** I just read that you have 3.73 Firmware, read this, i didn’t realize till after i posted it. But for anyone that has 3.71, there you go…

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Thanks iceblu and uberbatman.
So i finally created a pandora’s battery (which is the first time i have ever touched hardware manually) and was able to successfully install custom firmware 3.71 M33–2.

So what site do you use to get your cso games ?

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Good job, now you can advance to harder things, like hardmodding a 360 or Wii! ahha Good job too, it didn’t seem hard at all. Just 2 points and a wire. Still give you kudos, let me know how the rest turns out. You can do ALOT of things with your PSP now. Like Control you computer with TightVNC though your PSP.

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