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Have any Jellies tried the Walkydog bicycle attachment that allows your dog to go with you on bike rides?

Asked by Kayak8 (16457points) August 27th, 2011

I have been checking out various bike attachments that allow dogs to run next to the bike in a safe way. Has anyone tried one of these and, if so, how was it?

I have watched all the videos about training your dog to do this and understand the safety issues (for me and the dog). Don’t tell me about safety stuff UNLESS you have first-hand experience.

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No, I haven’t tried it. I have been considering skijoring with my malamute, I’m afraid of hitching a bicycle ro him with the way he loves to pull…

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LOL. Hey I just saw this on the Vancouver news! I haven’t tried it but the girl on the new said it’s better than holding the leash gives much better control.
Oh yeah, they also said it’s not for dogs under 1 yr.

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@bags and @meego Well, I ordered the thing, along with a harness, so I should be able to give a report. My shepherd is 3 and my labradoodle is 5 so we are good in terms of age. They are the same height and both weigh 85 pounds and fit the same size harness, so one may take to it better than the other.

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I did it, but with a different attachment. It took very little training to use it, and I gradually worked the flat-coated retriever I had at the time up to 3 miles in about 20 minutes.

The hardest thing about using one is keeping your dog safe. I rode around a school track, on dirt. I’d never use one on the road; the dangers of hot pavement and broken glass are severe, plus the hard surface is bad on a dog’s joints.

The one I had had a spring to dampen any sudden pulls the dog could make. It would be dangerous if the dog lunged at something.

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I have never tried the side mounted ones. My dog is obedience and agility trained but is she sees a cat, her training is gone and she is off. She is strong enough to pull the bike easily. So I thought the rear wheel side mount didn’t sound like a good thing. I have a big wheel scooter that is used to condition sled dogs when there is no snow. I use that harness and leash attached to the front of my bike. That way if she sees something she wants to chase (and I have had some pretty exciting rides through the bush when she has seen a roo) at least I am facing in the right direction and have the opportunity to react, brake or lay it over and sit on it which is a safe way of stopping for sure! It is great fun, I love doing it and she loves it too. I allow her to set the pace and we often go for 15 or 20k. I run with her 3x a week and we bike or scoot 2 or 3x as well so she is in excellent condition.

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Walkydog should be delivered today. I will provide a report once we try it out!

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Did you order the one that attaches to the hub of your rear wheel or to your seat post?

Can’t wait to hear how it goes.

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I got the seat post one (because you can put the dog on either side). With the rear wheel one, it only attaches on the left (if you have a bike with more than one speed and coaster brakes) and I prefer my dog on the right and not in traffic.

Spent about 30 minutes getting the harness sized correctly. It is too hot out there now to try it out, but may try it first thing in the am when it is cooler.

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Sounds good. If it works well for you, I may break down and get one, although here, on the left is out of traffic so it would be okay. Anyhow, take pics and have fun!

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@rooeytoo He LOVES it!!!!! We did the training with me walking the bike and him attached. He needed to redirect his gaze from me to the front tire which he did very quickly. Went for about a 15 minute ride. Got him home and he crashed! Then about an hour later, I heard a noise in the kitchen and he came walking into the family room with the harness in his mouth (let’s do it AGAIN!!!!).

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That’s great to hear. I almost flipped over my handlebars again yesterday when we went out. I had her leash in my left hand, she saw a cat and started to bolt. I hit the right hand brakes which of course is the front wheel and the rear end came up and I almost went right out over top. It is probably time for me to get one!

Glad to hear it is working because it wears my dog out a lot faster than when I run with her, I just don’t run fast enough, hehehe!


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@rooeytoo There are three springs inside the metal tube that absorb some of the shock when I pulled. He only did it once or twice and realized it wasn’t getting him anywhere. We peddled through loose dogs, stray cats, squirrels, dogs behind a fence barking, people walking with strollers and leashed dogs, etc. No problems at all!

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