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Something that made you laugh today?

Asked by cheebdragon (18830points) May 5th, 2008

I found a list of one liners
so far my favorite is “Bad spellers of the world untie! ”

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Something that made me laugh…there was so much, but most of it was “you had to be there” stuff.
Something that comes to mind is when we saw this couple laying in the grass and we went and laid next to them for like 2 min before they noticed.

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We have a chicken that always plucks the cherry off my cigarette. I was sitting down on the ground taking a drag and it bit off the end of my smoke. Weird critters. But they are delicious.

This has happened a bunch of times. Same chicken too. I thought it was scary and hilarious.

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Dude, you could market that thing as some kind of heroic, anti-smoking chicken, do presentations at elementary schools and get on the local news.

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I’d love to se the cherry plucking chicken! Just the thought of it gave me a chuckle.

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Nothing made me laugh today. :(

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i saw that scene from indiana jones, raiders of the lost ark , where indy is confronted by the swordsman and just pulls out his gun and blows him away

oh, and this made me laugh a lot
im sure you will do

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House! Best show ever!!

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I laugh lots and lots everyday. If I did’nt I would cry lot’s.

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i saw the scene from the 3 amigos with the invisible swordsman.

@iwamoto: very funny!!

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I found myself laughing just a few minutes ago because of…

A. The fact that I even went to Paula Abdul’s Myspace and clicked on the song “Forever
Your Girl.”

B. The fact that I totally knew the words….WTF is wrong with me?

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my friend today said “sara, your so stupid!” and I relpied (totaly seriously) “no its not!!”

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I saw a shirt that said ” One GIANT loss” and 18–1 after it with a NY Giants logo on it.

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i was working with my pops today and he sneezed and farted at the same time. i laughed my ass off.

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This thread made me laugh.

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Stephen Colbert’s dance off.

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The trailer for Wall-E

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My friend, Sasha. I spent about 8 hours with her. We laugh constantly. <3

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I sang “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” to my financial advisor/friend/coworker right in the center of the Glendale Gallaria. And… I sang it totally off key!! What a happy day…

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My day only started less than an hour ago, but already had a good laugh at peedub’s paula abdul adventure…....have to admit, I remember the word too

Oh and just now I came across an answer in another thread that reminded me of a guy getting pulled over for speeding…..the officer walks up and says: “having trouble taking off, wing commander?”

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I saw a pic on the net of a massive guy with I Conquered Anorexia written across the front

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@iwamato – I saw a special that explained Harrison ford was so tired and sick that day he ad libbed that and they decided to leave it in. I am sure they re-shot it to emphasize the humor. I loved it

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My Spanish Club went on our annual trip today to a Mexican restaurant. One of my friends was paid $5 to drink half of the bottle of habenero sauce sitting on our table. He did & couldn’t stop crying the entire time on top of not being able to eat any of his food. He went to the bathroom 7 times before he completely emptied his system of all the water he drank trying to suppress the heat that obviously did him no good. It was freakin hilarious! Ahh, high school… Good times… :P

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Yeah! Jw….

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Adrien and I were at the grocery store and saw a particularly revolting looking brownie concoction that was called, “Fudge Surprise,” and Adrien said he “made that this morning.”

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Who’s on First on my Ipod. Soooo classic.

“I’ll break your arm you say who’s on first!” Every single time!!

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