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Hurricane coverage -- reporters standing out in the wind telling us to stay indoors -- what's wrong with this picture?

Asked by ETpro (34605points) August 27th, 2011

Having been through a few monster storms, I can tell them that their advice to stay indoors is excellent counsel, and they should take heed of it themselves. Hurricanes can turn everyday objects such as shingles, street signs and lawn furniture into lethal weapons flying through the air at 100 MPH. And yet every major storm brings dozens of reporters out with their TV camera crew, sound people, and support personnel. They dutifully stand in the midst of the storm’s fury to tell us not to do what they are showing by their actions to be OK to do. Sooner or later, one of them will get killed or seriously injured on camera. I guess seeing that would drive home to viewers the fact their safety messages were good advice that they themselves should have taken to heart.

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Really, the dumbitude of that always floors me. I think it also encourages people to go out and video the storm themselves. Give me my couch, a candle, a book and some snacks and I’m happy heeding the good advice.

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Oh I think the “roving news reporter” eats danger for breakfast, someone’s gotta take a bullet…..keep broadcasting, the masses need to be entertained…....informed.

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I just watched a BBC reporter filming live from the storm and telling us she had to wear special eye goggles for protection. She then picked up a section of fencing full of rusty nails that had been tossed there by the storm. The goggles wouldn’t have offered much protection if that had hit her.

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I was just thinking the same thing especially because the reporter was acting like people were “idiots” for being outside as he was getting blown all over the street. Pot meet kettle.

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Ratings are important. that is all.

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I remember seeing some reporter out on a boardwalk next to the ocean once, during a storm. He was telling us how strong the wind was, and, all of a sudden, he was just…gone. One of the strong wind gusts blew him off the boardwalk onto the beach.

I’m sorry, but I laughed. Seriously, though – I believe you when you tell me that is is windy, raining, blizzarding, whatever. Don’t make those poor reporters go out in it and risk their lives.

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I wonder how long before the hurricane will be blamed on Obama.

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@ I wonder how long before the hurricane will be blamed on Obama.

At another site I am a member of, it has already been blamed on him. Seriously.

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@JilltheTooth I’m with you on that.

@ucme It is the entertainment biz. No question of that.

@flutherother There you go. You have to wonder if the same thought just never entered her head, or if the money is good enough she’ll take the chances required to stay on the payroll.

@chyna Amen.

@quiddidyquestions Yeahm, as crass as it is, I understand that.

@Eureka Sell that idea to the network news director and producer. :-)

@Jeruba I expect the email blasts in my inbox tomorrow morning. Beck is already saying God sent it as a message to America. I’m like, he is supposed to be omnipotent. Couldn’t he just talk?

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@Eureka I would have laughed to. Hell, I laughed just reading about it so I can
only imagine what I would be like if I had actualy seen it!

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