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What is your definition of an addict?

Asked by Trance24 (3311points) May 5th, 2008

Weather it be someone addicted to their morning coffee, or alcohol. What are your thoughts on addictiveness, and the way the brian works in this situation. Can you be an addict of anything, or is it only the things that we see as negative? I am already familiar with addictive personalities, and disorders but I am interested in what others think and believe.

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Someone who can’t control their urges.

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I’m a fan of the show Intervention and just heard one of the interventionists describe it as repeating a behavior despite negative consequences already experienced.

Also, addictions can be substance-based (drugs) or process-based (shopping, porn, video games, gambling, for example).

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I don’t like the idea of being addictive to anything. I think It comes down to willpower. All being said, I am only human!

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addict (ad*dict)- Fluther

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Uncontrollable urges 24/7

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Someone that has 1 lurve point for sign in 2 day in a row

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someone who will not quit certain behaviors regardless of how bad it hurts them or those they love

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The inability to control an impulse to do (partake in) something that causes one to take attention, time, feelings, etc. from that which is real in one’s world repeatedly or for a period of time which causes harm to oneself or those around him/her.

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Addiction can be physical or psychological and sometimes both. It’s when you can’t control what you feel you need, be it a substance or type of action.

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someone who checks fluther in excess of five times a day. That seems reasonable

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shit foolaholic thats me.

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Me too. Is there a Fluther re-hab?

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Their gonna make me go to re-hab, I said “No” “No” “No.”

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@uberbatman: yes, I’m actually just getting it down to about three

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