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Are conspiracy theorists doing some hardcore networking these days, or am I just crazy?

Asked by TexasDude (25234points) August 27th, 2011

I’m “friends” with two die-hard conspiracy theorists on facebook. One of whom I attend school with, but have never met, and the other is a friend of a friend of a friend.

From what I gather from my news feed, both of them “friend” several dozen people a day, most of whom have names like “NWOfighter” and “Downwithbildeberger” and other such names. Many of them have “wearechange” tacked on to their normal names, and a huge proportion of them are wearing Guy Fawkes masks in their profile pictures (a costume originally used by “anonymous” of 4chan that seems to have been co-opted by many protesting groups).

The person I go to school with will often post random comments on my facebook wall, statuses, or photos. Things like “how is your food situation?” or “It’s not safe to go out at night.” They post a lot of blogs with random disaster preparedness info in them, as well as vague references to the CDC and not resisting authorities because “they are in the same boat as us.”

Just today, the one I go to school with posted a youtube video on my wall that said something to the extent of “The Government Occupation of America is Ending Soon, are you prepared?” with no explanation. I didn’t watch it and deleted the post.

Obviously, there is some kind of huge networking campaign going on among conspiracy theorists. I’ve tried to understand their beliefs and goals by perusing their profiles, but I have found it to be barely decipherable. They seem to be directing their ire at every political party as well, so I know it’s not strictly a democrat thing, or a republican thing, or a tea party thing. There also seems to be a vaguely spiritualist element to this “movement” as well.

My questions for you guys are as follows:

Do you know anyone who is involved in this phenomena?
What are their beliefs and goals?
Is there any coherency or precedence to this?

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Wow. Who’d’a thunk it? A conspiracy to dream up conspiracies. Talk about recursive irony…

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Yes. The conspiracy theorists are conspiring; they are up to something they’re not telling us about. We all should be worried.

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@CWOTUS lollercoaster.

@lillycoyote well I’m not particularly worried as long as they leave me the fuck alone. I’m just curious as to what they believe. There seem to be common trends among them, from what I’ve investigated, but none of it really makes any damn sense, honestly. I think I’m really just looking for a translator.

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Coast to Coast, the radio show. OMG! “Why are the mainstream media talking about…x,y,z, (vampires, the evil government….)

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They’re all Mormons.

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@flo yeah, I figured Coast to Coast might have something to do with it. Although one of the people who I mentioned posted a long note about how the guy from Coast to Coast was actually an illuminati turncoat, with a huge, barely decipherable rationale as to why.

@hawaii_jake lol, really? I know that Mormons are required to stock survival goods, but conspiracies?

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No, negativity toward everything mainstreams, and no..

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I know you aren’t worried, neither am I. I was joking.

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Yes, the more people they can reach, the more believers they create. It’s a never ending cycle. In the old days, they had to travel around with a horse and buggy to reach the gullible crowds, but now it’s all a click away.

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@marinelife it kind of sounds that way. Literally everything from the CDC to American Idol to the local utility plant is mentioned as a threat by these people.

@lillycoyote ah, I gotcha ;)

@YARNLADY makes sense to me. I wonder why they are so comfortable with facebook as a medium, though? Wouldn’t facebook be an easy target for the NWO/illuminati/space nazis/whatever to collect their locations, plans, and other info from?

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…the girl I go to school with just posted this on my wall:


She’s been adding to the post constantly. One of my friends just commented on it and asked if this is an episode of Lost….

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard : I swear you’re going to make me pee my pants!!

“One summer pigs committed suicide”?!?

The only answer is meth or maybe cocaine.

“So I usually buy purified water or boil my own”?!?

Every good conspiracy theorist I know boils their own from the creek in the backyard. ;-)

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@hawaii_jake that’s the girl I go to school with. The red block is me, and the trollface is my friend who was in for the fun.

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Cognitive infiltration

Sock puppets

Just saying it’s a possibility.

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@XD so a lot of these people are possibly government/military agents trying to troll would-be revolutionaries into giving up info?

So this is a case of trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls?

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I don’t know. I could imagine it being one part identifying real troublemakers and one part “steam venting”/misdirection for people who are just going to spin their wheels on the internet.

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LOL. A conspiracy of conspiracy theorists or trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls; either way, the center cannot hold and whatever it is will implode.

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Probably a bit of Cointelpro, probably just a bunch more people with buttloads of middle class white privilege looking vainly for reasons why and being unwilling to accept the reality of systemic exploitation (and thus drawing attention to their privilege, therefore delegitimizing it) and the eventuality of the collapse of the very system that gives them privileges. That’s scary when your loyalties are to the economy and empire. And then there’s just the gullible getting drawn in by Ron Paul fans and their copious use of Youtube videos.

I mentioned cointelpro, but really, the American radical scene has been disjointed and distracted for long enough that many do it to themselves. Not to mention the horizontal hostility.

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@incendiary_dan can you rephrase that for someone who isn’t a sociology person?

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p.s. I didn’t read your links before I posted. No idea what that is.

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@XD yeah, that’s probably not related other than serving as an example of the kind of talking I’ve seen these people do. This just happened to be the girl I mentioned in the OP.

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