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"How strong would the winds have to be..." Part 2: How strong a wind would it take to pick up a Porta Potty and send it flying?

Asked by lillycoyote (24845points) August 27th, 2011

I took a drive around and realized one of my neighbors still has a Porta Potty in her front yard placed there by the construction crew building her new garage. Irene is on her way bringing 24 solid hours of hurricane force winds.

Could this get ugly?

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Poop will be flying in the neighborhood. Duck.

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Plenty strong enough from Irene.

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Not sure.My dad actually saw this happen when he was stationed in N.Carolina.There were high enough winds to pick up an outhouse and send it flying over the ditch they were laying in.

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Depends on the strength of the curry they just ate…...Parrrrummmpppp!!

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