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In a movie theater, how much talking would you tolerate from others before you ask them to "please hush."?

Asked by jca (36043points) August 27th, 2011

This is a general question, not specific to any situation. When you are in a movie theater, how much talking will you tolerate from others before asking them to hush?

(I ask because today I saw “The Help” and there was an older couple sitting behind me, and they didn’t talk constantly, but they commented on the various actors and scenery (“that’s so and so” and “isn’t that beautiful”), and they gasped a lot, which was annoying but I didn’t think it was anything to comment on – but it made me think about moving)

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I hate it when people talk in theaters, yet sometimes my wife (deaf she is) asks me what is going on. I will try to use sign language, or give her the basics, but I am careful to keep my voice low.
I usually will turn towards talkers the first or second time, and hush them the next.

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I haven’t had any such problem, but I would never speak directly to an offender. I would always take my concern to the usher.

I once pointed out some people (behind me) at a baseball game who were being offensive, and the ushers escorted them out of the park. I went to the ushers in secret.

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I can go about 20 minutes, then they’re going to get “the look.” If that doesn’t do it, or they’re not in glaring range, in about 10 more minutes I’m going to whisper at them to please stop talking. If it becomes an issue after that, I’ll find an usher. Luckily, thus far, the look has worked. I learned it from my mom.

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I use the same technique @filmfann uses; a few harsh stares and then a request for silence. I don’t like any talking but will tolerate some low intermittent buzzing if need be.

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Yarnlady has the best solution. Talk to the Usher. I was a usher for about a year before becoming a projectionist. I had no problem telling to people to be quite or leave. And we honored peoples requests to wait for about ten minutes so they wouldn’t realize who told on them.

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A guy got up and started talking on the phone in the hallway INSIDE the theater. I leaned over the rail and said, “Hey, we’re trying to watch a movie here!” The rest of the audience applauded, as his wife sulked in her seat.

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I don’t get the talking in a movie theater either. You’re paying to see the movie, not to carry on a conversation. I would never confront anybody or give them the look. f it gets really annoying, I’d just get an usher or tell the front lobby. I also don’t see why people have to use cell phones in the theater and bother others with the light.

The only movie I’ve been to where the entire room was dead silent you could hear a pin drop was The Passion of The Christ.

Everyone has the right to enjoy in peace and quiet.

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If I paid $40 to be in this theater (tix + popcorn + drinks) for 2 people for 2 hours… I expect my entertainment to come from the screen and not the audience (Rocky Horror exception)

I WILL turn and snarl. I will then threaten to call the ushers, if they don’t STFU I will go find an usher and get the noisy fucker out of the theater. If you are not a part of my entertainment dollar… you can go the fuck away.

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The Death Stare. If that doesn’t kill them, I talk to an usher. I have really low tolerance for people making any sort of noise whatsoever (other than popcorn chomping, seat shifting).

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I follow the @Blueroses methodology. I really cannot bear people talking in a movie theatre.

I think it was in Million Dollar Baby , at one of that last scenes that were so emotional, and the woman in the same row as me whose phone had been beeping throughout the movie as messages came in, received an actual call .. and proceeded to answer it. I lost it and said something to the effect of “Do not dare continue your conversation. Hang up NOW!!” She did… I was quite popular with everyone else. There was silence from then on.

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Very little. No ongoing conversation.

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People talk during the trailers (and WHY are ‘previews’ now called trailers?). I have to allow that, but once the movie starts, if they are near enough I just shhsh them. Usually they stop, but they get the idea that I’ll do it again if they talk. I have a harder time shushing the person I usually go to the movies with. Usually a quick shh will do it, but not always.

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What’s the point? They never shut up anyway.


I hate it even more when I attend a classical music concert and people start chattering, or arrive well after the concert begins! I don’t hesitate to tell them to be quiet, because I paid good money to attend the concert. In a movie theater, I’d probably tell noisy people to shut up if they didn’t stop after about 10 minutes. I wouldn’t say “shut up”, but “Can you please stop talking so we can enjoy the movie? Thank you.”

@Yarnlady Yeah, I hate it when people act ugly and start swearing like crazy at ball games, using rude gestures and such. They should realize there are young children and ladies around, for goodness sake. What morons. I’m glad you did that!

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