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What genre of music classifys the 2000's?

Asked by Trance24 (3311points) May 5th, 2008

Every decade up to the 90’s has been classified by its music genre. After we hit the 90’s it kind of faded and got confusing. What would you say defines the 2000’s so far?

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first things that come to mind is britpop and minimalistic music, in a way of, simple studio copy paste work. oh, and ofcourse the gangsterrap “revival”

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Americana, Ambient, Blues, Classical, Country, Electronica, Jazz, Latin, Pop, Rock, Soul, Soundtrack.

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I would agree with iwamoto and add that indie and electronic is definitely the way music seems to be going. Some bands meld the two, like Radiohead. This kind of music seems to be popping up in TV commercials especially, while the radio seems to still play mostly formulaic hip-hop and pop.

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I don’t know much about previous decade’s genera’s . But I’d suggest indie, I think the indie culture has exploded as the internet has.

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Which ironically – makes it not indie anymore…

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Electro, Disco-influenced electro, Indie, Indie/electro, some revival of folk, E-40 sounding rap, etc..

For me, the popularity of the remix is such a huge 2000 thing. Everyone is remixing each other and along with this came the revival of the 12” single, which is cool.

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You know that’s really only like a few decades. What defines the 1910s? The 1870s? I think the internet (and its globalizing effects) has led to a diffusion of sort of unified mass cultural movements that began after the second World War and continued through the 1980s. It’s a good thing though.

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My point is I don’t think it’s particularly useful to define any decade by one particular musical genre. There’s simply way too much good stuff being produced in non-mainstream radio-friendly trendyland.

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2000’s will be remembered as the shittiest music decade ever.(i speak of mainstream music)

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i pretty much agree with uberbatman. for the most part mainstream music is terrible and talentless, and the result of putting some half-baked idea into a formula for music. What I find most interesting is that most people don’t like or listen to this crap, its just shoved in our faces.
Anyone want to start a band and/or revolution with me? I’ll play guitar, and you can tell I have great head banging skills, lol

And I hope to god emo falls out of existence swiftly and I forget it ever happened.

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It will be the emo era… it or not.

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C X V (copy cut & paste) and emo get my vote.

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well if you look at the “charts” it would seem that 50 cent and other such hip-hop nonsense along with a cluster fuck of fall out boy bands have basically ruined any credibility we hold for future historians.

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lol nicely put shockvalue. I may have to quote you later.

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if yov’re going to quote him on it, why not give him a great answer?

(i’m not going to, either)

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If you ask someone who watches TV more than they browse the web: American Idol, meaning commercial pop

If the reverse is true: Pitchfork, or indie / post rock

My .02

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