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Single folks, do you find that married friends try to live vicariously through your exploits?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14635points) August 27th, 2011

Since I have been divorced, my married friends encourage me to have meaningless relationships and escapades.

Do others find that married people want you to do irresponsible things and tell them about them?

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I’m in an open marriage and I find that monogamously married people do this with me.

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I’m married, and I don’t do this to people. In fact, I think I was more inclined to do this sort of thing when I was single.

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Sheese!, I’m married and I never find myself encouraging my single friends to have meaningless relationships and escapades. I do encourage them to be happy in whatever they decide to do.

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It sounds stupid and I would NEVER advocate such nonsense. I’m also happily married to my husband of 34 years.

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I have to admit that sometimes I’ve been guilty of that. I like to hear stories of the exploits of single guys. Sometimes I’ll say I wish I could do that, but then they usually remind me that they wish they had someone to come home to each night. It’s true. It’s easy to start to take something for granted, when someone else’s life sounds more exciting. You tend to forget some of the benefits of your own life.

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I am married, and I don’t do this, but I can see how some might. Especially those in unhappy marriages. I think of my friends, women, they would not so much live vicariously in terms of wild escapades, but rather in terms of being able to do whatever the fuck they want without someone, their husband, annoying them, or not having to do something for their husband when they don’t feel like it, or watching their husband do nothing while the baby cries and then asking when dinner will be ready.

I would think men would be more inclined to be jealous of dating a bunch of different women or more carefree sex. But, I am sure there are women like that too.

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LOL. No. I my circle of friends at least, it is the married folks who always have that little twinkle in their eyes and are forever sneaking off to take “naps” and the single ones, I among them, who are miserable, complaining and left to scramble for what few scraps we can find. :-)

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Not living vicariously, but if you do anything “adventurous” they give you a lot of the wink wink, nudge nudge. All the innuendo is kind of fun, in a way.

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I find our single friends (mostly men) try to live vicariously through us. They want the stability, happiness and comfort my husband and I have as a couple.

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To me, if I’m in a stable relationship or married, why would I look for elsewhere for other guy when I am in a relationship?! If I’m not happy in a relationship, I finish it first and move on to the next. Sometimes when you go on dating others it might or might not help to move on from your previous relationship, but sometimes it makes it worst and you miss it more. The best is to do what you feel best for your not what your friends say.

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I would give any of my “friends” who suggested that I act this way the boot. They’re simply low life.

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I live vicariously through my married friends.

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Where is my ‘taking the piss’ reply gone here????

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