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Physics geeks, engineers, and/or cooks: Will this lid ever come off?

Asked by nikipedia (27922points) August 27th, 2011

I was making making israeli couscous tonight, and added frozen stock after toasting it for a few minutes. The stock was frozen solid, so I put a lid on the pan to help it melt faster.

A few minutes later, I tried to take the lid off to check its progress.

The lid won’t come off.

It is now cooling in the sink, but still won’t budge. Should I put it back on the stove? Throw it in the garbage? What is happening?

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Back to the stove. It cooled too much.

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You could try forcing a knife in the gap and force it open.

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@ragingloli, tried. No luck. Back on the stove.

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You are pretty enough that you should never need to make dinner. I’m drunk and need sleep.

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Are you gonna make me dinner, drunky?

The lid came off with a big POP! Couscous is salvageable.

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Your pot is too new and everything fits too tightly. Go to a flea market and buy an old battered pot. You’ll never have that problem again.

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You would think, w. I inherited this pot from a guy I dated three years ago and I’ve made eggs in it probably 500 times.

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Order take out!

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My pressure cooker manual suggests lubricating the lid and pot rims with petroleum jelly to ensure it doesn’t happen again :>)

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Try taking the lid off tomorrow. Last resort, drill or make a small nail hole in the lid
to release the vacuum.

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