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Do blondes have more fun?

Asked by trudacia (2508points) May 5th, 2008 from iPhone

I’ve been a blonde and a brunette. I prefer brunette and actually believe that I received less attention as a blond. That was awhile ago and I’m considering a change. Redhead perhaps?

Guys, do you really prefer a blond?

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I don’t discriminate.

I must say, however, everyone of my girlfriends has had dark hair.

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I have a thing for brunettes. Good thing I married one. :)

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Generally, I like darker hair and natural redheads. It’s hard to get red to look good out of a bottle b/c there’s so many colors that make red hair red.

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I have auburn hair, and I have a ball in life!! Honestly, though I think Personality beats any hair color, and having big boobs never hurts!

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I used to be blonde, but I’ve been a (rather convincingly, I might add) a redhead for the past 7 or so years. I think my personality fits the red hair (along with the green eyes) better than blonde, and, having been red for the majority of my adult life, can say that I am confident, carefree and self assured more now than I was when I was blonde. I don’t know for sure if it is the hair, or if it is just because I have ‘grown up’, but I have to say that I don’t think I will ever be blonde again.

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I’ve always been blonde. It’s pretty fun. When I get fresh high-wattage highlights to my naturally dark blonde hair, men do seem to notice. But that fact certainly does not immediately = fun.

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I think blondes have less fun if they have to spend alot of time touching up their roots J/K. But seriously, I have had blonde, brunette and auburn hair, and I notice no difference in the amount of fun I have had with any of those colors.

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Blonds tend to be looked at as ditsy. So maybe that’s why they say they have more fun. They are easier to fool

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@babygall- If brunettes win at checkers, who wins at arm wrestling?

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I’ve had every haircolour known to man….and a few more. Although it’s always great fun when you’ve just done a big ‘transformation’, I really don’t think there’s any difference in the fun you can have. If I had to pick one colour that’s more fun than the rest, its probably purple… is the colour of insanity.

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@peedub: Brunettes.

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