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Have you ever changed your appearance for a milestone/event/change in your life?

Asked by Nimis (13127points) August 28th, 2011 from iPhone

I don’t mean putting on a wedding gown on your wedding day.

I’ve noticed that some women cut their hair after some significant change in their lives.

Do men do this too?
Have you done this?
Why did you do it?
Did it mean something to you?

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I have never change my appearance behind some event, never seen the need to.

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I used to have a really big afro in high school. We are talking about the fro eclipsing my shoulders. I fancied this pretty lady and we were plastered off of J├Ągermeister in the fountain outside the Springfield public library and rolling around. I asked if she would be my GF. She said she would if I cut my hair.

The next day my sister shaved my head on our porch. Three months later I lost my virginity. I still shave my head.

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@johnpowell You gave up the bush to get into some bush, huh? ;-P

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@Hypocrisy_Central :: That is one way of putting it.

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I once dyed my hair blonde & had it permed when I was a teenager, yes that’s right,I looked like Shirley Temple with a penis!! I think the “milestone event” must have been the recent labotomy I had performed, common practice with village idiots around our way at that time.

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I was exiting an abusive relationship. I changed my life in every possible way, and changing my hair helped me to see myself differently when I looked in the mirror. It served its purpose, and now I have my old hair style back. It’s easiest to care for.

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Yep I have.

In January 1975, I got depressed because my infatuation wasn’t requited. When I get depressed, I lose about 90% of my appetite. I weighed about 200 then, so I decided to use the depression to help me lose almost 30 pounds.

When the 80’s arrived, I developed an attraction to a lot of the music and some of the style. I became emotionally involved with it all in 1984, and in December of that year, I finally dropped my 70’s So Cal partyer doo for an attempt at contemporary tonsorial expression.

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After my first child was born, I cut my fairly long hair into a short bob. Much easier! As the kids got older, I let it grow out again. Later on, after successfully getting my depression and anxiety mostly under control, I was feeling very confident. I took myself to the hair salon, and got my really long hair (down to my ass) cut super short (think Halle Berry short). It was a way of kicking that old way of living to the curb, and it felt fantastic.

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After going through my first bout of bad illness (age 15) I felt compelled to simplfy my life in every way possible. My long hair started feeling like both a physical and metaphorical weight on my shoulders and I became somewhat obsessed with the idea of chopping it all off. I think it was kind of weird and not mentally normal, actually. I compromised by getting a shorter haircut. I wanted even shorter but I haven’t got the face or hair (or ears!) for that to look good and people talked me out of it. I still kind of wish I could pull off a very short ‘do.

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Yes, I have.

My senior year of high school I got a perm for prom. Then, right before going to basic training I got my hair cut really short. After I had my first son, I got my hair cut to my jaw line so it would be out of his reach. When my husband was coming home for R&R, I got my hair dyed really dark as a surprise.

Those are just the things related to particular events/times in my life. I’ve dyed and cut my hair a lot of times for no real reason other than I wanted to as well.

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I have changed my appearance so much in so many different times that people often don’t recognize me. My weight has fluctuated, my hair color and style changes often, and my wardrobe style has changed. It would be really boring going through life exactly the same all the time. I am constantly redefining myself.

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For my wedding day I went back to my natural hair color. I am naturally a medium brunette, and I had been blond for almost a year. I didn’t want my wedding photo to not look like me, and in my head I am a brunette, and typically that is the hair color I sport the majority of the time. Going blonder or darker or red is always temporary for me. My hair style was one I wear often. I did my hair and make up myself, typically glam when I have a special event to attend.

I just went blond 6 weeks ago after having some shade of brown for the last 10 years. About 3 weeks ago I found out I am going to a work reunion party in a couple months, and I am trying to decide whether to go back to brown.

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I got all tuxed up for my wedding….twice! ;) It was fun….had a blast but at this stage of my life if I ever did it again it would be for very different reasons with much different meaning.

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As I entered high school, my personal style started to become much more sophisticated and fashion-centered, and it continues to do so as I age. After about seven years of the same hairstyle, I decided to get blunt bangs in honor of my senior year of high school (which starts tomorrow) because I wanted this year to be different in many ways. However, I still hold on to my very long hair and I doubt I will ever change that for any kind of event.

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At the age of 23 in college I grew dreadlocks to initiate myself into the mysteries.
Five years later, I shaved my head and dyed my almost bald head platinum blond (eyebrows too) and entered the military.
When I came out of the military I grew my second set of dreadlocks to return to my studies (still have them 13 yrs later). I got several piercings to mark things I have learned and tattoos to symbolize people I love, lost, or symbols of spiritual power that I adhere to.


Only once——when I graduated from university and quit my part-time job to look for permanent work, get married, and settle down so to speak. I cut it short (I used to have longish hair), and paid more attention to grooming it. It was sort of like my “initiation into manhood”. Lol.

Sort of related to what you’re talking about, but I never wear my hair the same way at work that I do at home or on my off days. At work, it’s usually just wash and go. On my days off, I usually have more time to style and groom it carefully. I’m not like some guys who just pluck a baseball cap on their heads because they don’t care and/or are just lazy to do anything with it.

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I don’t think getting attached to looking a certain way is a very good thing, or at least not a fun one.

As I mentioned in some other post, I recently dyed my hair pink. All of it, hot pink. I think the popular opinion on very obviously artificial hair colour is that it’s unattractive if not just blatantly ‘tacky’, not to mention that even when I brought up the idea to my friends a few years ago the general consensus was “no.”

However after wanting to do this for so long, I recently came to the conclusion that it’s my hair and I do think it looks fantastic, so I should just do it. So I did. And I feel all the better about going with it! It’s nice to stop just saying “it doesn’t matter if no one else likes it as long as you like it” like an asshole and to start actually doing it.

Plus, I’m typically very wallflower-like – not so much in terms of appearance, but in my general demeanor. I feel like I’m a little more confident now. I’ve made a big change, and anything else I do – not wearing the makeup that makes me feel more comfortable, wearing the glasses I’m not really a fan of, wearing a possibly questionable pair of shoes, even saying something weird – pales in comparison. So when obnoxious teenagers make snarky comments about my hair when they pass me, it honestly doesn’t bother me. I like it and I own up to it.

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@martianspringtime I like what you said and I agree! Except the part about “not being so much in terms of appearance”. F**k what you heard, your a DIME Piece!!!

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Tomorrow I’m getting a lot of hair lopped off to celebrate the new chapter of my life that is just starting.

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