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What percentage of a man's/woman's body could be part chicken before you turn them down for sex? (NSFW)

Asked by digitalimpression (9910points) August 28th, 2011

Assume every part of this man’s/woman’s body is perfect except for the chicken portion. How much are you willing to overlook for the sake of beauty?

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Lock me in a room alone for a week with nothing but a chicken and I’ll fuck it, make of that what you will.

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Well that’s one helluva tight arsehole that’s all i’m saying.

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@poisonedantidote LOL!

It depends on which part. I think if I had to, I would look past an arm? This is a really hard question….lol.

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Zero percent. Not into cross-species encounters.

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I’ve asked this question to people at work and I’ve received serious answers of up to 80% along with proposals that the chicken parts were internal organs etc… It gives me a good gauge as to the level of creepiness around me.

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I could handle the feathers and even claws but a beak would be a deal breaker!

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It’s the cock a doodle doo when it orgasms that would freak me out.

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Having someone ask me this gives me a general level of the creepiness around me, too.

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If I were a woman I wouldn’t mind to go with a guy that was 80% human and 20% cock.

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@poisonedantidote It’s not the ass it’s the spurs that wreck the whole thing. Just toss off and make the bird watch.

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I’d love to know the train of thought that lead you to this question but it would have to be zero for me… :P I would turn down a hint of a feather. They smell weird too. Plus looking at it would make me hungry.

“Wow, this chicken is so good in bed… but he’d look so much better deep fried with some chips on the side.”

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I could probably deal if her vagina tasted like chicken :/

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What does it matter so long as it gives a good cluck?

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@CWOTUS You clicked on it.Not my fault. =)

@Jellie There was no “train”. Where I work, these sort of questions are pretty commonplace.

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bwa haha I love this question!! but don’t know what the answer is…

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@poisonedantidote HAHAHA! There is pure honesty! Love it!


If I can’t stuff a turkey right, I’m certainly not going to stuff a chicken.

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So… one claw perhaps? Or…. Maybe just one internal organ of a chicken? What about just one feather sticking out of somewhere non-conspicuous? Bah. I’ve got to stop expecting serious answers to ridiculous questions.

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You guys are actually considering it though… Thats the creepy part, not that someone asked the question but that people are seriously considering it.

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@Akua I’m just having some fun, I swear >.>

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umm…yea, right @Blackberry. But if I smell chicken on your breath…

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ok I know… if their hair was feathers, I could overlook that

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Amazing. All amazing answers. XD

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