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Asked by beware (66points) May 5th, 2008 from iPhone

When you die. What animal would you like to come back as, If you had the choice?

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An oily mink.

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i guess a raccoon, cute yet sneaky

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icanhascheezburger model cat!

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Got to be a bird so I can fly.

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I wonder who will be the first to say they want to be a jellyfish.

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an elephant!!!! the best animal in the world!!!!

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Red-tailed Hawk.

Or a well-loved dog.

beware's avatar

Knowing my luck If I do come back as a bird. It wil be a Ostrich, or Chicken, they can’t fly.

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I would like to come back as animal mother, because he walks the walk and talks the talk.

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Condor or Vulture…..

buster's avatar

i want to come back as a stallion. bring on the mares!!

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A Tiger!

@P You’ve been using the Mink Oil in your hair, haven’t you?

brownlemur's avatar

A hybrid Shark-Riding-Atop-An-Elephant, trampling and eating everything in my path.

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Good thing I took the “High Ground” on this question….

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peacock or platypus

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terradactyl (sp?) I mean, talk about badass. Or maybe a graboid… lol anyone get the reference?

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@bulb- Yes, Mink Oil is to my hair what Frankfurter grease was to Einstein’s, except I look more like Rik Mayall in Drop Dead Fred or the guy on the Vision Psycho Stick.

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Sweet! Snot-Face!

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Either a tree penquin or a beaked alien.

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A whippet or Italian Greyhound belonging to an owner much like me. They are sleek, fast and beautiful and quite a sight in a full run. And with an owner like me, I would be spoiled and treated like royalty without a care in the world.

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@Astro- Beaked Aliens are where it’s at! The Owls beat the Unicorns, only to be stung by the Jellyfish, which have been overtaken by Beaked Aliens.

Just watch, you’re gonna start seeing them airbrushed on sweatshirts any day now.

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@astro~~Beaked Alien for sure! lol

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if anyone was curious, I have determined that the correct spelling is pterodactyl. I’ve been wondering that for years…
Anyone own or have pictures of these “beaked alien” folk? I’ve read so much about them, I’ve grown interested. I hear peedub dated one, is this true?

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Start scrolling down and you will see them.

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I’m pretty sure I’d come back and embody the re-emerging of the dodo

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I’ve change my mind, I would want to be king of the jungle, “Chuck Noris.”

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[Fluther Moderator:] Great question, but please use a more descriptive title in the future. Good luck!

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I’d wanna come back as my bichon & live the life of a well-loved, beautiful, constantly pampered pooch.

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I’d wanna be a cute little fuzzy bear cub!

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I asked my dad this once, he gave what I consider to be the best answer ever: “A fish. It would be worth it to be able to move in three dimensions.”

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