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Does a TIGI Little Hottie replacement exist?

Asked by brenden (72points) May 5th, 2008

I was interested in getting a flat iron from TIGI called the Little Hottie, designed for short hair. Alas, it’s been “discontinued” so I’m asking if anyone knows if there is something similar out there!

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I picked one up at the devil, Walmart, for I think $9 by Conair. I love it. It looks similar to that one (i.e. small heated plates, not those big ones). It heats up fast, is ceramic so it slides over your hair easily, and the price is right.

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I like this one . It’s a flat iron and curling iron, and it works great. It’s ceramic also, so it doesn’t damage your hair like steel would. I only paid $12.99 for mine. I got mine at Wally world too.

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