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What would you do if your 90 pound doggy doesn't want to take a bath....?

Asked by Dutchess_III (41811points) August 28th, 2011


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give him a bath anyway, try to make it fun for him so he won’t hate them so much

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Put him on a leash and bust out the hose.

If it’s cold outside, it’s going to be about brute force I’m afraid. =)

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Take him/her to the SPCA bath. There’s safety in numbers.

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She’s 7 years old. She has her mind made up that she DOES NOT LIKE BATHS! Besides…how do you convince a dog that you’re having fun? It isn’t like convincing a little kid!

I can get a leash on her…but after that…! It’s like trying to drag a live hog away.

Of course it’s not cold outside! I would give my dogs a bath in the cold!

@smilingheart1 What? We don’t have and SPCA around here that I know of….

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Practice getting her into the empty tub and praise her for success or use little food treats initially.

Then Have her stand in the tub while you run the water with the plug OUT so the tub does nor fill and praise her successes.

Gradually get her to adjust to the tub filling slightly and praise her non-escape behavior.

Eventually you will be able to wash her using a pail or container but not a sprayer – dogs hate that!

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Megan weighed in at 110 lbs and was scared to death of water, I took her to the Mississippi river and got her to start biting at the barge foam within ten minutes she was romping and playing in the water.

Next dog, Dusty same problem, we went to a small pond, got on a boat and rowed about 10 feet out, called the dog, she whined at the shore for 5 minutes then finally jumped in and swam to the boat, no more problem.

I reward with only praise, never food or treats, or they will expect it every time.

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It puts it’s ass in the tub or else it gets the hose again

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It might be wort the $30 to the groomer. They know all the tricks.

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Call the mobile groomer who puts them on a leash while in a deep tub.
There’s no escape. MUWAH HA HA!

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@Neizvestnaya Mission accomplished! Took me and my beefy husband working together and we goterdone! At one point she sighed heavily and just sat down and looked at me accusingly….I hate it when she does that.

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@Dutchess_III: That’s an enormous dog, good job!

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Geez…I don’t have no more fleas either, I’ll tell you that!

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And on the sixth day God created groomers and Frontline…

And lo, there was peace upon the land…


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I have a set of these tethers for bathing Lizzie but she’s a puppy, kind of a big puppy now though, and is miraculously self-cleaning so I’ve only given her one bath in the 4 months I’ve had her. But they worked pretty well. They suction cup to one side of the tub each and then you hook them to the dog’s collar. You may still have to rassle with her a bit but you’ve won’t have to chase her.

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And lo, the stuff isn’t free!

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Lol sounds like my bro’s dog except she walks to a corner when its all over, lies down with her back to us, and occasionally shoots us dirty looks.

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Dress up as a sponge and wrestle him.

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Next time, positive reinforcement.

I have a pocket filled with meat. My dogs follow me where ever I lead them.

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@SpatzieLover LOL. A Pocket Filled With Meat. Wasn’t that the sequel to Pocket Full of Miracles?

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Shit! Where’d my pocket go??!! It was here just a minute ago! Now my meat, my pocket AND my dog are gone!

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@Dutchess_III Exactly! @SpatzieLover might disagree, but filling your pockets with meat might not really be the greatest idea if you have dog, and probably even a worse idea if you don’t have a dog.

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I have freeze dried meat in my pocket right now. All three of my dogs are well trained. None of them even attempt to jump on my body to get the treats. ;)

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My dog heard you…look out @SpatzieLover!

@lillycoyote Even if you don’t have a dog, you walk around with meat in your pocket you soon WILL have a dog! Or 12!

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