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Is anyone really surprised to learn about the horrors committed by Khaddafi?

Asked by zensky (13372points) August 29th, 2011

His “amazonian” bodyguards are coming forth, five at last count, with tales of rape and torture – and extortion and threats of them and their families.

Is anyone surprised?

Just as Saddam and his sons’ dungeons of horrors were exposed, so will other’s as these horrid, disgusting, backward regimes fall. Syria is next, I hope, but there are still others.

Or do you think the Saudi Sheiks treat their women and people differently behind the curtain?

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Hit us up with a link, Broski. :)

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Can’t say much of anything would surprise me, other than the fact the rebels have been as successful as they have been. Gives me an idea of how bad things were.

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I’d rather not make the leap of credulity quite yet. I could just as easily imagine those closest to Gaddafi fabricating tales of coercion to avoid reprisals by the rebels. Also hard to imagine raping someone and then giving them a gun and making them your bodyguard.

Time will sort it out.

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Just wondering…why do you spell it with “Kh”’?

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@zensky Damn, that’s horrible, and I also wouldn’t be surprised, but I would also be skeptical due to @thorninmud‘s reasons.

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First of all, like all dictators, Khadafi (there are many “official” ways to spell it – Time spells it with a G e.g.) he doesn’t hesitate to use many different disgusting measures to get what he wants. What he wanted was virgins – and he got them by threatening the families’ of the girls. This is according to their discussions with Psychologists.

He didn’t rape them and then give them guns. He forced then into doing his will by the constant threat hanging over their heads regarding their families.

Remember: this is a very, very different society.

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@zensky I wouldn’t doubt it at all, the one article said they would discard them after, so that makes more sense.

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Dictators gonna dictate.

None of that shocked me as much as his little thing for Condi.

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Condi is hot. I have a scrap book of her photos myself.

What disturbed me was the golden statue of his naked daughter.

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Not at all surprised, here’s yet more grim evidence of a sadistic regime, thankfully in decline.

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I wonder why Americans seem to be perpetually surprised that Third World dictators and despots are cruel at best and psychotic at worst.

Plus, there is this on going moral confusion about what should be done with them.

Just what do people imagine when they hear the word dictator (or king, for that matter)?

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I don’t know much about all this, but enough to say that no, ain’t surprised. It’s all really depressing. I’m glad I live where I do.

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