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Are you a geek, a nerd, or a dork?

Asked by erichw1504 (26396points) August 29th, 2011

Nerd: intelligent, industrious, understands things.
Geek: Interested in things that others are not interested in, know a lot about their interests, but usually do not understand underlying principles.
Dork: Foolish, stupid, clumsy.

Do you believe you fall into the category of geek, nerd, or dork? If so, why? Give some supporting examples of why you fall into a certain category.

If you think you are none of these, then what are you? Explain.

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Dork for sure. Why? Because I am a clumsy fool who is in love with all things dorky. Curently dating another Dork! :P

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I’m a nerd. I love to read, I love learning new things, I’m fascinated by science… but I have never enjoyed a single Star Trek episode, and I also have good hand-eye coordination. ;)

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Probably a mix of all three. I’m a Neeork?

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It’s a hard choice between geek and dork for me.

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nerd-dork (intelligent fool)

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Nerd-Dork got married in me.

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Elements of all. I am not a science nerd at all, but the things I know I do know pretty well. I also “scan” pretty good for someone my age (Not being raised in the computer or microwave generation.) I’m pretty good at picking up pieces of information and figuring out the point. Then, I can be totally dense and clueless. I take to much at face value and don’t recognize sarcasm sometimes. People can tell me the wildest stories and I will believe them (dorky me.) My Children call me Dory. (From finding Nemo.)

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From your description, I guess that I am a geek. However, the original meaning is a circus or freak show act where the “geek” would eat anything, for instance, biting the heads off chickens.

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I have quite a few of the qualities from each category. The title “nerd” is usually supposed to indicate book smarts, good performance in school, and somewhat poor social skills (me to a T). “Geeks” stereotypically may or may not have decent social skills but usually are not part of any “it” crowd, and have very passionate interests in subjects with a “geeky” connotation (video games, anime, etc.). I’m a little less geek – I’m definitely into video games, and I’ve got quite a few other “niche” interests too, but I’ve never done anything like go to a convention (although it sounds fun) or form a club. And I’m also fairly socially awkward and very clumsy, so that puts me in the “dork” category a bit too.

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I’d have to say Geek, because when I bring things up in conversation sometimes, people look at me like “why the hell do you care to even think about that?”

But then again, I usually understand the reasons behind such things, so I have a bit of nerd in there too.

I am not a dork.

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I don’t know what I am but that’s a really good question @erichw1504 !

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Um.. as my screen name suggests, I identify strongly with the word Geek.

I like to think of Geeks as being “early adopters” of new technology..and perhaps people who are a just bit out of the mainstream. (I like how @Mariah put it: not part of the “it” crowd—but have passionate interests..)

To me, geek has a positive connotation.. whereas “dork” and “nerd”...not so much. I would be hurt if someone called me a dork, but I’m not offended when someone calls me a geek. At our house when we’re really into something we feel passionate about we might call it “geek-ing out”.

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Correction: Derd.

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By your supplied definitions all of the above. Especially the dork part.

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Probably some type of nerd/geek hybrid. Although I’m not sure of the ratio.

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Dork with a dash of nerd. I’m quite booksmart and intelligent (if I say so myself), but outside of my narrow range of concentration I’m an awkward duck/turtle.

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All three. Nergeedork? I guess I’m some kind of sausage. I’m intelligent, industrious, and understand things; interested in things that others are not interested in; and, sometimes clumsy and don’t get it. I’ve always been eclectic, why not now?

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What is a nerd?!

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Gerdneedork. Dornereek. Nerdorkgeek. I could do this all day.

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@efritz I like Dornereek.
I going to go with Dornereek. I’m in advanced classes, I love video games, sewing(which is unusual for people my age), and reading, and at times I can be very socially awkward. My friends are too, so it’s all good.

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I read a lot, love to learn new things, and am pretty autodidactic. I love listening to podcasts, going to museums and traveling to explore architecture and regional foods. Learning a new piece of software makes me giddy (I just taught myself Adobe Muse). Things such as typography fascinate me.

I’m also a huge Geek for all things comic books. I’m not, however, into Star Wars or Star Trek, Anime, video games or the like.

I probably could be if I made the time for them though.

I’m not a dork as I’m well coordinated and good with my hands (I remodeled my own kitchen and use to be a archival framer and architectural model builder).

I was very socially awkward as a child, but I grew out of it. Now I’m very good with people.

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@Symbeline A miserable little pile of secrets..?

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I’m a nerd trapped inside a geek’s body.

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I think I’m a mix between a dork and a nerd. I guess that makes me a Dord… or a Nerk.
Nerd because I love (love love) talking about things I’m interested in (sociology, history, cultures, mythology, sometime politics, etc). From time to time I bore my friends with all my talking I think – especially my best friend who is an animal science major and couldn’t care less about sociology or history. :( Also, for the most part I grasp concepts quickly and I’ve always done well in school.
Dork because, well… I have my “moments.”
… and the clumsy part could not. be. more. true.

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I’m not a stupid dork, I’m a gullible dork.

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Neither, i’m a lovable fucker!!

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I think your definitions are a bit off, see this. And here.

You seem to have gotten your definitions from here, but the guy pretty much says they are his own definitions.

Oh, and I consider myself a geek.

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Based on those definitions, I’m a geek for sure!

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In your definition of “geek”, what exactly do you mean by not understanding “underlying principles”?

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I’m all of them, sooo, that would make me a G’Nerk. lol


As IF any silly quirks can really define the complexity and totality of a human being. Pfft…labels mean nothing, unless you’re looking to attach to other labels instead of the whole person and their coat of many colors.

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@Joker94 There’s no real answer, at least not when it comes to the actual question here. But that I posted a nerdy reference to something nerdy instead of saying how much of a nerd I am, and that you knew where it was from makes this whole situation so delightfully nerdy. :)

In truth, I guess I’m a geek, but that’s the closest choice here I can go to, when it comes to video games and movies and shit. So instead, what is a man?! :D

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I think I’m all of them in one but if I had to only pick two I’d be a geek-dork because as smart as I’d like to think I am (I know better) my clumsy nature trumps it all. Believe me, I’m foolish.

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I’m about halfway between being a genedo and a ekrdrk right now. But I vacillate at 126 Ghz..

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Know nerdy things about geeky stuff.

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I’ve always considered myself a geek, but using your definitions, I’m a nerd-geek hybrid. I love to read, love language and typography, am passionate about politics and social concerns, love to debate. Grasp ideas quickly, but am lost in the details often. I’m largely self-taught, so I have a lot of gaps in my knowledge base.

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I’m a geek/dork. I am geeky in relation to certain things like science fiction, roleplaying games etc, but I lack the technical/computer skills that usually go along with geekdom. I’m not intelligent enough to be a nerd, and I am definitely clumsy and foolish.

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This venn diagram explains everything. I am a nerd.

And what is with all of the necro-bumping of old threads lately.

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