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My Windows 7 updates is stalled...any ideas what to do? (Details).

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11271points) August 29th, 2011

Here I am again…with yet another computer “arrgggh” moment…

My computer crashed last week. I managed to get it up and running and all the info on hard drive was gone. I had a backup (Carbonite) which went on and on and still wasn’t finished, then it just stopped….but with the hurricane their offices were closed so I couldn’t ask them what was going on with that.

I decided that since the Carbonite had stopped, and everything else was going really slowly, after six days I was finally going to just restart the computer. So, I attempted to do that…everything closed down, but then, before shutting off the Windows 7 updates started. You know, you get that message: “Please do not unplug or power down your computer, you have 1 of 58 updates….” That was a LOT of updates. I have never gotten that many before.

I let it run and NOTHING has progressed in six hours. It is still on “1 of 58…” (!) I need my computer as all my work info is on there.

Question: If I just shut down my computer, therefore stopping my updates and start it up again, will it be okay?

Question: What do I do to get these updates without having to go through all this again? (Any ideas?)

Hope someone can help. Thank you!

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Hello….......Just posting…......I’ve figured out what to do…...(I had looked everywhere online for an answer before coming to the Fluther….and could not reach the tech support I needed from the company…but they finally responded.) Thank you….!

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Dang, too late for my favorite Windows “snippy” response.

Q. My Windows 7 update isn’t working. What do I do?

A. Install Ubuntu!

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@YoBob I was thinking the same thing lol. I’m a Mac fan myself, but I’d go Ubuntu before Windows.

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You will be ok. The updates are not required to be installed. In fact, you can turn that nag service off and do it manually when you need to.
PM and I can walk you through it.

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I would say if it’s still stalled, remove it and then re-install it. That’s what the recovery discs are for that typically come with a computer when you buy it.

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Did you get your computer up and running? I agree about finding help if you need it. It’s costly but can save you time in the long run if you find trusted computer help. My parents have an IT guy who comes out and fixes their problems quickly. Time is money.

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