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What should my pay be as a web developer?

Asked by XOIIO (18118points) August 29th, 2011

I am most liekly going to be the web site developer for the charity that I work for, redesigning and upgrading the web site, how much should I charge them?

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Nothing, it’s for charity. It is worth more to you as an example of your work for future clients.

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@poisonedantidote He’s offering to pay me and it’s not really a charity, more like non profit, except they do.

anyways, they do make money and they do want to pay me

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Are you a website designer, or developer? I know the lines are blurring quickly on the disparity between those two, but if you’re just doing HTML & CSS, and no programming, then you will most likely be paid less. That’s what I do and I let my prospective clients know that up front. I used to do websites in and around Manhattan, but that was years ago, when most webpages were still static. I billed a little over $20 an hour, but it was a thriving, lucrative company and they would have probably paid more, had I asked for it. The workflow was immense, as they had many high-profie clients, but it was a blast! (Once, I got $15,000 for a site, and I just used some of that money to pay a programmer; they wanted a little news tracker on their front page.)

Now I charge $15; it’s more important that I build up a portfolio, plus, I don’t know all the fancy languages. There is a guide-book somewhere that comes out once a year that has suggested rates for free-lancers; I’ll try to find it. Good luck!

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It depends on what all you will do, if it will be ongoing (i.e. – you advance from web developer to webmaster, full time), and whether you’re charging hourly or a flat rate.

Also it depends on what sort of elements will be required and if any programming is necessary. Hopefully you can amend this question with some more details.

But for a typical website, with 6 to 10 pages, no fancy elements and you’re producing the majority of content, I’d say you should stand to make about $1,000 as a flat rate. Somewhere between $15 and $20 hourly would be about right for charging on a per-hour basis. But that’s again a very broad and in-the-blind estimate without knowing more details.

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well it’s going to be the HTML, and from the looks of it they have javascript but only to open pdf’s, I’ll also be making one or two new web pages linked the main one, and maybe redesign the logo, or at least the logo color scheme for the different pages.

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If they have outsource you, you should charge 10K – 15K for redesigning the website.
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