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Pelvic pain at 9 weeks pregnant?

Asked by tan235 (877points) August 29th, 2011

I“m 9 weeks pregnant and getting this pain in my pelvis area, it’s kinda like stretching as if I’ve been doing sit ups, my stomach has it as well, it kinda hurts but more uncomfortable than anything – it also makes me want to pee but when I do pretty much nothing comes out – so annoying, I’ve been tested for bacteria but nothing showed at all so no UTI – did anyone else have this?

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Completely normal and it gets a lot worse .

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ha ha really!?
Thanks @galadriel, man I’m so so excited and over the moon that I“m having a beautiful baby but soooo sore already.
I was hoping it would get better!

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Most likely, it’s round ligament pain. It’s from the ligaments stretching to accommodate your growing uterus. They will continue as your uterus continues to grow for your baby. The pain may or may not stick around for the rest of the pregnancy. It just depends on how your body handles the pregnancy.

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I agree with @Seaofclouds – it’s your uterus preparing for labor and it’s okay. It might go away in the second trimester and will return with a bang in the third.

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Congratulations! Your body is going to go through a lot of strange changes in the next 7 months. Your muscles are beginning to loosen to make room for this great expansion.
Just wait until you lie on your back and watch him or her roll across your belly! That’s when it really begins to sink in. ;-)

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It gets better. Pain though should be looked into, while aches seem more common.

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Don’t worry what your feeling is perfectly normal, without getting too graphic it is probably gas, and if you have been constipated then that can be explained. These cramps should not last an longer than about 12 wks. If however the pain is leaving you doubled up and your spotting then you need to get yourself to hospital asap! Well congratulations and enjoy your little bundle when he/she arrives.

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