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What made you smile today from ear to ear?

Asked by Pandora (27195points) August 30th, 2011

Just saw a woman with two small tots walking along when she changed course for the parking lot. A black car drives up and stops. The little girl with dark hair and two pig tails yells, Papa and over and over while running around and giggling on her way to the drivers side. Her dad had stepped out to greet her and put her in the car. She still continues to yell papa and giggle and runs (with pig tails bouncing) up to his legs to embrace them. Her pure joy at seeing papa was awesome to watch. I couldn’t help but get a huge grin on my face. Dad picked her up and hugged her before setting her in the back seat.
So what made you smile recently?

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My friend called me Betty Crocker today.
I smiled and threw a pie in her face

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This morning after taking the foster cat to boarding yesterday after it attacked my cat again Sunday night.

My poor little Mia, BUT…..this morning she was SO happy again, knowing the cat is gone! haha

She was playful and slept with me last night for the first time in days again as she would not even walk past the other cats room.

She was purring and purring, we were back to the morning ‘brushies’ routine where she stands on her cat tree on the landing of my garage and puts her paws up on the railing to be brushed and she head butts me and gives love bites.

She was playing up a storm with her ‘mousie’ toy on a string and rolling around in the driveway. Bliss returns to me little Walden Pond zone. :-D

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Nothing, I’m kinda depressed :/ But that might change after seeing Rise Of The Plantet Of The Apes for the second time,

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Well, starting after midnight, I got in touch with some old friends here. I was so happy that I was able to find them and that they remembered me. My day isn’t over yet, not even noon here. There is a good chance I will be back to add more.

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Just got electricity back.

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@tom_g electricity is a great luxury to have, isn’t it?

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@size7 – Honestly, I was happy I didn’t have it for awhile. The neighbors were all out talking to each other. It was nice. But the lack of hot water was getting problematic. 3 young kids are messy and we all need to shower.

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I saw a Belgian guy winning a bronze medal in the 400 meter today, at the WC Athletics.
He had a chance, it was prognosed, but just slightly.
I love it when underdogs win/are successful.
And when there are no Dutch competitors I root for the Southern neighbours.
And his twin brother took fifth.
Yep, that put a smile of happiness on my face!
Although your story, @Pandora , put an almost as big smile on it…., that was sweet!

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I’m always smiling from ear to ear, coz i’m like dat see!
My dawg makes me smile a lot, she’s so skittish & lovable. Just the looks on her face are enough to have me smiling like a loon.

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Waking up, discovering that I am still breathing in and out, seeing the sun, the blue skies, the mild breeze, my lawn mower guys doing their thing, MSFT up 38 cents, Milo happily drinking out of the stock pots where I had been hoarding water, fresh corn and peaches for breakfast, the creek less furious than it was yesterday the power working and my internet connection repaired.

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Simple pleasures! I had fresh corn and string beans from my neighbors garden last night too!

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A co-worker I always thought harboured some enmity against me offered to log me out off work when I was leaving early so my hours would be complete. The funny thing was I just went to his room to tell him I’m leaving early and he offered himself to log me out when he left.

I did walk out feeling a little suspicious of his good intentions but then decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and it made me smile to think I had one less enemy in the world.

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I have a particularly pressing issue I am trying to contend with and I opened up an e-mail from a Jelly who gave me sage advice…and knowing virtual strangers will give you help like that still has me smilin big time!

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My two year old “puppy” just spontaneously spun in circles chasing her naturally short tail and then stopped, changed directions and spun in the other direction . She never did catch it but she looked very pleased with herself nonetheless.

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@Dr_Lawrence My dog will randomly do that! I love watching it too.

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I watched a goldfinch eat all the basil seed off my basil plants. Gardening for the birds!

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That reminds me, the hummingbirds are diving at my window right now…gotta fill their feeder. haha

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Thinking about These guys

What they have done I can only classify as environmental artistry!

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I had no good reason to smile today. I smiled but not a huge one.

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A friend of mine wrote on her facebook that her young son had picked out a turd from the catbox and eaten it- another friends of hers called it kitty roca.

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@rebbel The 18yr old winning gold in that race made me smile, great to see emerging talent winning through.

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@ucme Of course, that was great too.
He grabbed it in the last meters, and he looked totally relaxed!
Same with the Brazilian girl on pole vault, not expected to, but won it!

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Thinking about Nancy Grace on “Dancing with the Stars.” I can only hope she gets dipped. My inner chuckle just can’t contain itself.

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@rebbel Been a strange old championships though. Hardly any favourites winning & those bloody false starts!!!

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Campus was bustling today since it was registration day. I decided to say hi to everyone I passed. I made like… 5 or 6 friends that way.

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I was in the parking lot of the supermarket this afternoon…. and had just finished grocery shopping. I was putting my groceries into the boot of the car and then I heard some music off in the distance. It kept getting louder and louder and I realized that someone was playing Tchaikovsky’s “Waltz of the Flowers” in their car. The music continued to get louder and then I saw a tiny rusty compact car careening round the parking lot with the windows rolled down and “Waltz of the Flowers” blaring out its windows. It screeched to a halt behind me with the music still at a high pitch. The music and motor suddenly stopped, the door opened and a young supermarket attendant (in his teens) bounded out. I called out and said, ” I love your loud music….what a great way to get ready for work!” And he said, “Loud? You should hear it when I leave this place!” And he laughed.

I smiled because the only music I ever hear being played that loudly in any car…is usually rap. To hear “Waltz of the Flowers” coming out of a teen’s car…....well…...that made me really smile. Made my afternoon.

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@DarlingRhadamanthus Could you imagine him playing loud classical music and then a neighbor complains and cops come around. I’m sure the look on their faces would be priceless.
Sir, can you lower your classical music?
Not something they would say everyday.
Its always refreshing to encounter a teen that goes against the grain.

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a friend told me this: “what’s brown and sticky?” – ” a stick” ! we watched an epidsode of portlandia called ‘cacao’. Now we randomly text each other that word, and the answer makes me smile really hard. “Row your boat”. haha

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@Pandora…Absolutely my thoughts! :)
@trailsillustrated….I love “Portlandia”!

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Me and my two friends were biking, and I smelt something foul as they did, so I said “Ned, did you fart?” and Davis said “No I did”. Right then there was a pfft and a really long wooshing sound, turns out his tire popped XD IT was the best timing EVER!

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This epic photo that @mazingerz88 sent to me. I mean look at this, tiger festival. How can this not be awesome, I’d totally participate in something like this.

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I really like this question. thanks @Symbeline for posting that cool photo!

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@DarlingRhadamanthus go on youtube and watch the ‘cacao’ one- you’ll pee your pants laughing it’s the funniest one

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I went to the Oriole game, and they won dramatically in the bottom of the tenth inning…

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I work at a place that’s had negative morale for the past 5 years—my boss decided she had enough and that changes will happen, then asked me to be one of the people to make that change because “I’m great with new people” and we have 7 new teachers. After 5 years, I feel like something paid off!

Also… Mazingerz made me smile!

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My son pronounces San Pellegrino (the orange fizzy drink) San Pella-gene-a-ro. It’s super cute, and he says it with total sincerity.

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The weather and the way my body feels.

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@Mariah Oh, I felt that way this morning. It was absolutely beautiful. I’ve also felt that way about my body, but then I sober up :( LOL

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