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How protective of you is your dog or cat?

Asked by chyna (48477points) August 30th, 2011

I just heard a big noise outside and apparently so did my dog because she jumped up and came over to lean on my leg. I must be the protector of the family! Will your dog protect you or hide? If you have a story, tell it.

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Our dogs are very protective, especially when it comes to our little girl.

Our cats are dicks.

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My dog would protect. My cats would observe the mayhem.
I love them anyway

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My dog acts like I’m the protector, he comes to me if feeling hurt or scared.

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My dog has never had a chance to be protective, but if his playing is any indication, he is more likely to join in than anything else.

When me and my friends are roughhousing, my dog likes to choose my friend’s side and start attacking me! He’ll bark at me and jump on me and headbutt me. My friends find this hilarious.

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My Dakota dog, a German Shepherd, is sweet, gentle, kind, has never had a cross word with anyone in 7 years and when two, big stray dogs threatened my husband, our other little dog and me, my Dakota dog tore them up and sent them home with orders to NEVA come back! End of story!!

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Everytime I pretend to beat my younger sister as a joke in front of the dog, he’ll start bouncing and barking and trying to pull me off her. He’ll grab my shirt or scarf and pull away. And he’s tiny. He’s particularly protective of her.

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My kitten is really protective of me. She’s a fearless little thing and every time someone comes nears me, she claws them.

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One of my cats could care less, and the other would more than likely make friends with whoever was endangering me.

@KateTheGreat That’s adorable.

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My doggie is a Pomeranian and the only time he appears somewhat protective is if Mr. is rubbing my back. He’ll come over and paw at my back or lay his body on me but we’re not sure if he’s being protective or just jealous for his man-slave to play with him instead.

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@bobbinhood It is. She makes me contemplate becoming a cat lady. She’s so feisty and cute.

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My old dog was very protective, whenever I was walking him he would give a low growl to anyone approaching us. Once, I was walking him around 10 pm on a summer night and he bristled and growled loudly at a guy walking towards us, the guy crossed the street. lol

He was a 96lb. hound dog and when he bristled up and growled, people payed attention.

My two old cats that are now gone were both protective as well, they both growled like dogs when they heard strange noises and my Gadwicke once jumped a Rottweiler and rode it out of the yard!
He also kicked some Golden retriever butt too!
A very fearless cat he was.

Now I just have Marwyn my Chinese gander and he is very territorial…he has single beakedly driven off quite a few Jehovahs Witnesses that lurk in the woods around here.

He is the official sentry for trespassing solicitors of all kinds.

Amazing how much ‘weight’ a 12 lb. goose carries when he’s all puffed up with his neck low to the ground and hissing like a snake before he strikes. lol

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My dog is the friendliest dog in the world, but one night when someone was looking in my kitchen window, he went absolutely nuts barking.

I think he would protect me.

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Zuppy is fantastically loud and has a “Rottweiler” bark when he wants that makes him sound like he’s 120 pounds. When we’re out in the world, however, even the sight of a fluffy little puppy has him hiding behind me. It’s a bit embarrassing.


Oh, my big male Akita is extremely protective of me and my family. He doesn’t bark a lot, but when he does, his loud, low bark and growl is so threatening. He won’t let any stranger within 30 feet of our residence, unless I give him the command. And when I take him for walks, he always walks very stoically ahead of me, eyeing any potential threats, like other dogs, goofy people, etc.

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My two cats only protect me when I’m sick for some reason. I’ll be lying in bed all dead, and they’ll be at my side the whole time. I mean seriously. They occasionally leave to eat or use the litter, but come back shortly. It’s actually really bizarre. But it’s really neat, too. Otherwise, they wouldn’t protect me lol. But they still rule complete ass.

I had one cat though, now deceased…that got jealous. I was dating someone back then, and my cat hated him. Once we were in bed, and the cat jumped up, dashed towards my ex and totally head butted him in the face, then just darted off. It was freakin’ hilarious lol. That cat was awesome. Whenever I was sad and shit, it’s like he knew, and would come curl up by me. I miss him lol.

Dutchess_III's avatar Shepherd, who whooped up on those two dogs? She crawls in bed with us during thunderstorms and she cowers near us when fire works are going off. I bet if your dog saw and felt a threat he/she recognized and knew she could do something about, he/she would!

@Symbeline My cat, who is now 15, was 5 when Rick and I got together. In the middle of the night, the second night he stayed, he woke up to Smokie sitting on his chest. He said all he could see were her HUGE green eyes staring at him…he reached up to pet her..and she let him have it across the face with all 5!! She wasn’t used to having a strange man in HER bed!

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One of my now gone old cats crapped on my ex husbands pillow when we were dating, and, pissed on him in bed one night!

It was an omen, and yep, we’re divorced. lol

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@Dutchess_III and @Coloma Wow…guess perhaps it’s a rather common thing then?

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@Dutchess_III Hahaha your cat is not to be messed with.

“Don’t you TOUCH me, mister!!!!” lmao

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LOLLL! I love it when @Symbeline and @Coloma show up!

@Jellie Yeah…she’s still that way. Always has been, always will be. Attitude from hell. Never mind that she’s stone deaf now : ( And maybe going blind. She’ll still kick your butt.

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That’s one badass cat. :D

My jealous cat, Cauchemar, was a litter runt, but he sure held his own in a metaphorical tug o war lol.

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Too bad my new cat didn’t work out, she was going to be a real ass kicker, just not my poor little docile cats ass. haha

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My two dogs have different personalities in that respect. My hybrid Lab/Pyrenees will bark with that loud and deep bark voice until the stranger gets close and then she will try to get a lick on the guy. She wants to make friends. The rescue mutt, sweet as he is with us, will go ballistic at the sight of anyone getting close to the house and will try to leap the fence to get them or try to bust through the door at the pizza guy. He’s kind of an asshole. I don’t worry about needing to take my pain meds full strength before bedtime because he is the boss of the house after dark. He patrols the place, looking out the windows and keeps an eye on things for us. Sometimes he’s too good at his job waking us up in the middle of the night because of an armadillo scritching about in the backyard. We call him Mamma’s little man. He loves his Mamma and gives me peace of mind when I have to leave the house for work. I know my wife will be OK as long as he’s there. He was one hell of a find, the weird way it worked out.

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@woodcutter You have armadillos? I’m impressed. I’ve never seen one in person.

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@chyna We don’t actually have them they just come out at night and dig holes in the lawn that they share with the skunks, racoons, and opossums. Then there is the occasional pack of coyotes yipping out in the field. I’ve always wanted to sneak out there with my night vision optics and watch them, but leave the dogs at home.

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Every time I laugh, my cat gets concerned and tries to sit on my shoulder.
Wherever she is, she’ll run to find me and linger around looking nervous or stare at me and meow and put her face up to mine until I stop.

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Aw you guys..I have a Master Cat in the making! Stay tuned…Oh…her name is “Kizzy” BTW. Not American Indian….more like African… :)

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Our kitties are so mean our largest dog Bear won’t even go out the front door when they are sitting outside on the patio. (these kittens are only 8 weeks old)

Yes, our dogs are very protective, just not when it comes to protecting us from little kitties. lol

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I used to have a part Siamese cat that patrolled the front yard. She went to twice her size when people walked their dogs too close and the dogs would cringe away from this crazy beast!. She was a great cat.

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My cat(s) are/were the friendliest cats on the planet. They aren’t afraid or wary of strangers at all, so I’m sure they’d be no help in the protection business. The one I’ve still got (RIP Katy), Chance, does this hilarious ‘commando crawl’ and slinks under our ottoman to hide from thunderstorms. Scaredy cat. She does comfort me when I’m sad or sick, though.

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My dawg is basically my shadow, always follows me & lays at my feet whenever i’m at home.
So I guess the answer would be she’s very protective of me & vice versa. Although any sign of nastiness & we’d both run away screaming, self preservation kicks arse!!

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My dog is very protective. Not only will she give hardcore sass to any and all strangers, but she’ll continue it long after they’re out of sight just to be sure they get the message.

Our cats are lazy and fat and don’t care what happens to us as long as we can still feed them.

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Aw, chyna, your dog is a sweetie!

I think cats are protective in a different way than dogs are. I’ve never heard of cats defending people from physical harm. But I still feel my cat is protective of me. In the past, she would always curl up right against my stomach when I was sick. These days, she still has to be right by my side all the time. I have a surgical wound that I have to pack with gauze every day. I lie on my bed to do it, and every day she jumps up onto my bed to be next to me while I’m doing it. She cuddles right up next to my shoulder and purrs into my ear and begs to be pet, which is troublesome because I have to keep my hands sterile while I’m packing, haha. It’s especially cute because she is very shy and standoffish towards everyone who isn’t me – it makes me feel special. :)

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Obviously, @Mariah , that was not your cat I just met! Zuppy and I just walked by a house where the resident feline is very protective, came out spitting and hissing, and launched itself at Zuppy’s head. Zuppy squeaked, jumped away and almost tore my arm out of its socket trying to get away. Brave kitty.

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My two Goldens always looked to me to protect them most of the time. The male would get very protective of the female. One day we brought them back from the vet after he had stuck a piece of wood through the side of his mouth. He’s wearing the cone and has stitches. A stray dog is on our lawn, and comes running toward us. The female immediately starts cowering, and the male goes instant guard dog. You’d of thought he was something fierce. I pushed the stray away with a snow shovel and he went right back to his normal goofy self.

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My Jack Russell will hide! If she hears a noise she will bark but that’s as protective as she gets as she will hide behind me at the first sign of a threat!

My Staffy is the most curious dog I know. She will investigate everything but that’s more out of nosiness than a need to protect me! However, when my dad was ill and bed ridden for a week or so she wouldn’t leave his side. It was very sweet.

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My dog is the worst protection device known to mankind. He loves everyone, the canine version of Will Rogers. However, the cats are another story. I’ve got one little black cat that will defend her yard like a dog…...and she attacks neighborhood dogs that trespass! Heaven forbid one of them come to greet me.

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I have two dogs and they’re both fairly protective of me and the house.
More so the male than the female though.
The male is protective of the female as well and will growl/snap at people who try to pet her while she’s laying down or resting.
However when we’re on walks or someone we know comes into the house he’ll do just the opposite: try to push her out of the way so he can get all the attention.
It’s quite amusing actually.

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@Dutchess_III Will Rogers once said ‘I never met a man I didn’t like’.....and that’s my dog. He’s too friendly, if anything.

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My dog Little Chief is very protective, he doesn’t like people he doesn’t know coming into the house. My other two dogs, Milo and Lily are not at all, they will bark at people but only in an excited way. Lily gets jealous and is possessive of me over the other dogs but that is all.

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My lab will bark and jump at the door when someone comes. My golden will just sit there clacking her teeth together.

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@WestRiverrat Clacking her teeth together? Did she by chance see “Hellraiser”?

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He is a cat… He isn’t protective of anything but himself.

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@woodcutter not that I know of, but I do leave the TV or the radio on when I am out, otherwise they think I left them alone and tear up the place.

They are both rescues, the lab still has separation anxiety issues after 5 years.

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@WestRiverrat Awww that’s sad… Poor baby. *That point is for your doggy.

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@WestRiverrat Yeah I know labs are good for chewing the hell out of things. I let ours stay outside most of the time. I looked outside once and she had a piece of wood she yanked off the house. She chewed through the power cord to the printer and cannot understand how she wasn’t electrocuted. Maybe she was ,strange as she behaves sometimes.

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I had a Lab once. It ate my back yard.

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My cat is very protective of me, as long as he’s able to be so from beneath the bed.

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