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Just to verify: the 'colors' setting on a washer is COLD, right?

Asked by ImNotHere (444points) August 31st, 2011

Hey all,

I’m at my boyfriend’s and just threw a bloodstained duvet cover in the wash to lift the last tiny trace of stain after getting most out with baking soda and organic shampoo. Unfortunately, his washer is kind of confusing with its labels. Instead of being clearly labeled ‘hot’, ‘cold’ etc. it has settings like ‘whites’, ‘colors’, ‘delicates’ and so forth…

I put it in with some other laundry under colors thinking it would be cold and that the whites setting would likely be hot. I hope I was right because if not, I’m running the risk of permanently setting the stain or worse yet, running the colors all over each other. Yikes!

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Also: I didn’t see a ‘bright colors’ setting which would indicate cold water…

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How about using the “hand under the water flow” technique? If it feels cold, then Bob’s your uncle.

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@gailcalled that’s a good idea but unfortunately, it’s a front loading washer that locks as soon as it starts running.

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If there’s no “bright colors” setting then is the “colors” setting cold?

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I would think that it’s a good guess. The labels on most colored garments do say “wash in cold water.”

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It should be.

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On my machine, Colors = warm, Whites = hot, Delicates = cold. Can you look up your model’s user manual online?

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On my front loader it says colors (cold) I’d assume it’s cold. That sounds a little confusing. What I was trying to say although it was unclear was that mine are labeled by color and temp and cold goes with colors on mine.

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Peroxide works extremely well at taking blood stains out of cloth

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Cold water washing is great on the fabrics and great on the utility bill as well. Oh yes, and user friendly on stains, most especially blood stains. We do permanent mess to some good clothes until we catch on to that.

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Most I’ve seen use “Colors” to denote Warm and “Delicates” for Cold.

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I have just looked at the symbols on the front of the washing machine, and it says, ‘Coloureds 40’. You can, however, turn it down to 30 degrees manually which is as low as it will go!
It says that silk is ‘30’ too.
I don’t think that there is a standard for temperatures by the looks of it!
At least you haven’t got to bang the washing on a rock by a river . . . have you?

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It should, but you should look in back to be sure the cold hose actually goes to the cold faucet. While you are back there, it’s ok to turn off the hot faucet just to be sure. But if I had a blood stain I would put it in a bucket and soak it out before I put it in a washer.

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