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If you vacuum up a fruit fly is it dead?

Asked by dabbler (15832points) August 31st, 2011

Assuming typical canister vac with the spiraling flexi-hose, say you pick off a few fruit flies that are hanging around the bananas. By the time it is sucked all the way down the hose into the debris collection bag is that fly pretty much gonna be dead from concussion & air trauma? Or is it stunned and might fly its little butt back out the hose tonight while we sleep and plague the bananas again ?

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Right after you vacuumed the flies, suck up a banana.
With some luck it will close off the hose…, you happy and the flies the ones that possibly survived happy.
I don’t know if it is lethal for the flies, their trip through the hose.

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Shakes the Magic 8 Ball. The answer is ‘Highly Likely’. Just in case, why not seal the hose enclosure with some tape. It should allow for a good night’s sleep.

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There is a little flap on the inside of the input hose hole, but who knows how well it flaps shut.
...My strategy for keeping them in there just-in-case, is to plug the sucking end of the flexi-hose into the outlet hole (that is the same size). If paranoia dictates, I can turn the vacuum cleaner on for a bit before unplugging it for next use.

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Your details in this question are the coolest thing ever.

I’m pretty sure that will kill them yes. The trip through the hose is gonna tear em apart, plus the impact in all the debris. It’s gonna get buried.

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I doubt that would kill them. Any way you could seal the vacuum cleaner in a big plastic bag with some unmolested bananas to see what happens?

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