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Does anyone know of a non-toxic hair dye?

Asked by girlfriday (201points) June 19th, 2007

Or salons in San Francisco that use nontoxic dyes?

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Sure--here are two links that should answer your question. Henna of course is the most natural dye, but there are other alternatives, including brands called ecocolors, herbatint, and naturcolor:;=hair

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Also, here is a list of green hair & nail salons in the Bay Area:

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The best one I've found is called Lazartigue, a French brand. Unfortunately, I think it's only sold at the boutique on Madison Ave. or by mail order But, it's really great. At least for the semi-permanent, which is what I use. You can tell by the way it smells too, very non-toxic. Also, it works very well.

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lilakess is right. Lazartigue makes great hair products. I would advise you to STAY AWAY from HENNA products as they damage the hair shaft. Contrary to popular belief, Henna is one of the worst things you can put in your hair -- it causes the hair to become brittle and the colors always fade into brassy undesirable colors. I am not positive, but Aveda's colors may be non-toxic as well.

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kool aid

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Just go to a health store, they usually have them

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Yeah, health stores would help you. Did you read this story- Daily Star reported that Peaches was knocked because she inadvertently inhaled ammonia fumes from her hair dye. And that’s when we went crazy. Is dyeing your hair dangerous? oh ho I never knew.

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