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What would you do if Fluther closed down?

Asked by kawaii_ninja (402points) May 6th, 2008

Just curious. Again.

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OMG…..don’t say such things, not even as a joke!! I’d have to actually spend my day working!

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Start up a suspiciously familiar site called…Sluther.

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It’d put me one step closer to achieving nirvana.

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nothing! except visit one less site . .

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I’d wear all black for a month and probably need to take time off work to travel to a far remote location to find myself again.

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do the laundry, walk the dogs more

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hehh iwamoto you made me literally lol ^_^

If this site shut down id be forced to use something like yahoo answers which is just to depressing to even think about.

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Stop editing books. (lol)

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Cry & try to come to terms with the fact that I would then be so much less informed & deprived of the knowledge & expertise of my fellow flutherites. But I shall not ponder the effects of such a despicable atrocity until I absolutely must. (which, hopefully, will be never)

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Prolly watch the news and look for any stories regarding mass suicides as a result of Fluther shutting down

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I would cry for days

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I would call my doctor immediately to medicate me against the serious withdrawl symptoms I would have! Then I would crawl into a corner and rock while drooling and mumbling incoherently.

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haha, wow, mine was too offensive? it was a joke realy, we all know im too nerdy to get a girl, let alone a wife, but well,i think i’d move on..

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Get a lot more done.

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Work more, hang out with my wife more, and Skate more!

I have actually curbed my addiction lately! Soon, I might be able to go a whole week with no fluther!

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You know what that means…more time for the shred shed!

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@bulbatron9— WOW! An entire week??!! Thats sum mad skill…

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My answers depend on the reasons. Were it due to financial difficulties, I’d float them a loan or I’d introduce them to my financial adviser. If that didn’t work?
I’D SAY, ” HEY EVERYONE, GET OFF YOUR BUTTS AND OUT OF YOUR CORNERS, PACK UP SOME CLOTHES, BRING SOME SANDWICHES! I’VE CHARTERED SOME BUSES TO PICK YOU ALL (and you know who you are and don’t forget to bring your pregnant wife) UP, THEN WE’RE OFF TO PICKET THEIR HOMES! IF you’ve got a better ideas, I’m open for suggestion!!

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OMG sccrowell! That’s great! I’ll pack a bag now so I’ll be ready when you come by!!!

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LOL! Don’t forget to bring a cold drink for me! In other words, bring a an extra cold for moi…

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I’d bring enough to share with you and the whole class!

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