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Given the possibility that aliens have been seen as in the case of Chicago O'Hare Airport UFO sighting, Why haven't aliens made contact with us? Why all the secrecy? Are aliens afraid of us?

Asked by edmartin101 (776points) May 6th, 2008

There have been many different occasions in different years, in various locations across the world where there have been reports of actual sightseeings of UFO. According to some of these reports, people without the influence of toxic substances have witnessed UFO’s.

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I’d be afraid of us!

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@Ed; are you on a PC? If so, see siblings on the right.

Aliens probably find us too boring.

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Sorry I didn’t stop to say hello, I’m just a little shy.

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Just because its an unidentified flying object does not mean its alien. But like Babo said I would be afraid of us as well.

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@Ed, I thought that they’d already determined why that particular UFO didn’t stop to say hi…

“To fly 7 million light years to O’Hare and then have to turn around and go home because your gate was occupied is simply unacceptable,” said O’Hare controller and union official Craig Burzych.

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I know I avoid ever landing at that airport! They must be highly intelligent.

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You might try this website,

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Yeah, a civilization that’s somehow mastered the physics behind inter-stellar travel and yet are scared of a species that can barely get to the moon—that makes sense. I’m thinking that unidentified flying object was probably something that originated a “little closer to home.”

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@sccrowell There are many reports at our disposal to confirm people from different parts of the world at different times in history have seen UFO or some kind of unexplained space activity.

@robmandu nothing in this article mentions any type of contact. There were a lot of witnesses and all “agreed on the color and shape of the object and its behavior”. Would you say all these people were high, or drunk, or just saw a superstition, a natural phenomena caused by low pressure weather conditions?”

I know you guys take it as a joke but none of you are willing to seriously look into this matter from a scientific point of view.

To illustrate my point, let’s look at two of the potential sources of UFO’s
Where are UFO’s and USO’s coming from? Just like some scientists thought black holes are the gates to other dimensions, so are the so called “Bermuda Triangle and the Dragon’s Triangle”. Both of these areas have puzzled many scientists throughout centuries. many ships, airplanes and submarines have been vanished without a trace. In some instances there have been cases of lost Space-Time continuum where pilots as well as crew members have reported lost time of 10 to 30 minutes. How do you explained this strange phenomena?

I asked you guys a sarcastic question: “Are aliens afraid of us?” to initiate discussion. However, I haven’t seen any interest in uncovering the evidence and having some enlightment.

Take a look at these videos, maybe you’l have a different idea after watching them.
Bermuda Triangle & Dragon’s Triangle

Ships and airplanes vanish without a trace. At a polar’s opposite Dragon’s Triangle. These two areas have the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean. Much of it remains unexplored today. Geographic North and Magnetic north come together separated by 20 degrees.

The Pacific Bermuda Triangle-2. Unexplained Phenomena of Time Space continuum. Black Holes Theory in the ocean. Intense UFO and USO activity has been reported in this area.

The Pacific Bermuda Triangle-3

The Pacific Bermuda Triangle-4 Heavenly intervention protecting Japan in the 13th Century

The Pacific Bermuda Triangle-5 Before volcano activity below the sea bed, there has been a lot of UFO activity reported. Ring of Fire along the Dragon’s Triangle. Maybe there are doors that open to other dimensions deep in the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

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How could anyone infer that you were being sarcastic? The question, albeit very wordy and awkward, was straightforward. You seem to be looking for a soapbox, from your last answer. Sarcasm is not a good rhetorical device by which initiate a serious and intelligent debate.

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However, my first job out of college was as research assistant to the Astronomer, Dr. J. Allen Hynek. He had been hired by the military to be their consultant for all the UFO reports that came in (Project Blue Book). During my time w. Dr. Hynek, he was sceptical. But apparently, later in his professional life, he changed his mind.

(He was also the tech. consultant for “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and had a cameo in it).

J. Allen Hynek

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[off topic]

@Ed, since you asked me directly, I’ll respond. But in my own way…

The purpose of the Questioner (that’s you, in this case) on Fluther, as I see it, is to request “enlightenment” and “evidence” from the Collective. Not try to force his own in the opposite direction.

What you’ve done here is pervert that process to suit your own agenda and to spread your own message. To my way of thinking, this violates the Fluther Guidelines in that you’re seeking to promote yourself (or in my liberal interpretation, you’re really seeking to promote your personal views). Fluther mods would very possibly disagree with my viewpoint.

Furthermore, this particular topic, for which the lack of hard facts and indisputable evidence makes it nigh impossible to reach any serious level of scientific enlightenment, makes for dodgy discussion at the best of times.

Is it okay with you if we simply agree to disagree?

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Boy, I must be dense! I thought we were just talking about UFO’s!

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Yah, originally, I was, too.

Was fun while it lasted.

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can we bring the aliens back now?

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How’s this? We do get our share in Texas, too…

STEPHENVILLE, Texas – Stephenville has been thrown into the national limelight since reports that dozens of local residents – including a pilot, county constable and business owners – reported seeing a large, silent object with bright lights flying low and fast the evening of Jan. 8. Some said fighter jets were chasing it.

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I read that as well. Very interesting. You know there are sooooo many people out there who seen things such as UFO’s & USO’s, but out fear of being ridiculed, their sightings go undocuemented. Unless of course they are lucky enough to have a camera or video cam handy as to have some type of proof. And why is it, that when they do have proof of say a flying craft, someone is always trying to discredit them. Why does the government want to keep this information secret or to themselves. Out of fear of what? Why do they wish to keep most of the population ignorant? There are those that need to have physical proof that there are other beings out there. Well, does anyone know how we would go about capturing one? Hell, the military can’t even do that correctly! SORRY!!! Didn’t mean to ramble….

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I’m one of those people who is “always trying to discredit them” as you put it. That’s because we don’t have any good proof. I’d love for the notion of extra terrestrials to be real, but I honestly don’t think they would fly however many light-years to get to earth and then secretly come down at night and probe our cattle in the ass. Nor would the have mastered the ability to travel incredible distances but would not be able to handle a lightning strike.

I think many of the more “legitimate” sightings are likely experimental aircraft being tested by our government and it would make sense that they would want to keep that technology a secret. I mean if you saw a stealth fighter in the early 80’s before it was revealed to the public, you would have thought you saw something that shouldn’t be able to fly and must have been from another planet.

Lastly, all of the video/photo evidence suffers from the problem of lack of scale. It’s like how you can block out the sun with your thumb. Clearly your thumb isn’t as large as the sun, but without a point of reference you can’t establish how big or far away things are and so it’s impossible to tell how fast an object may be traveling.

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Babo likes UFO’s!

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@gorillapaws This is the type of answers I was looking for

@robmandu Tell me exactly what words prove your statement: “Not try to force his own in the opposite direction”. Again your accusation is baseless: “What you’ve done here is pervert that process to suit your own agenda and to spread your own message” All I can say you are full of it when you say: “you’re really seeking to promote your personal views” I think what happened is that you were deeply hurt when I said: ”@robmandu nothing in this article mentions any type of contact” Don’t take it personally. I did not mean to attack your ego, I was just trying to be unbiased in the news report you submitted.,0,5874175.column. Lastly, I will accept if you disagree or agree, but you must back your answer with convincing evidence. After all this is as I understand a place to debate but in a civilized manner without becoming a “politician”. I CATEGORICALLY DON’T ACCEPT YOUR BASELESS ACCUSATIONS THAT I AM TRYING TO FORCE MY OWN VIEWS TO THE COLLECTIVE HERE ON FLUTER. Now I would like to invite the moderators to input their views on this matter and resolve this issue peacefully for the benefit of the Collective.

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I think I just waited on one yesterday

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I think I am an alien!

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you kinda look like one

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@Babo I never really looked at you, but now that loser mentioned it, yeah you are an alien!! Now that you have uncover your true identity, may as well tell us where are you from and how do you guys live in your planet… how do you ......hmmm….....make love. Same as we here on earth?

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Anything that’s travelling through the cosmos for long enough that it would “survive” the flight time/speed is probably not organic and is probably too small for you to see or notice.

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