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My 13 month old has a fever, stuffy nose, and a random cough, could it be flu?

Asked by galadriel (182points) September 1st, 2011 from iPhone

She had her 12 week check up and shots done Friday, so I’m not sure If this is a reaction? Or If it could be the flu? She coughs one single cough maybe every 30 minutes but I’m not sure if it’s just a reaction because she can’t breath through her nose? I’m really worrier, I’m taking her to the doctor in the morning but wanted to know if anyone has experienced anything similar? I just gave her Tylenol but the fever didn’t go down much

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Awwww, poor baby. Keep her cool to help fight the fever. The Tylenol will surely help. She should probably sleep in an upright position for the congestion, unless you have a steamer you can use. Just hold her as much as you can.

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It’s hard to say, really. It could be a reaction to the shots, or she could be legitimately sick. The good news is that infants handle fevers much better than adults. What is her temperature?

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It started at 102 ! ): but now its 98.4 I took her clothes off and just gave her a blanket cause she was so hot I was scared

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shes actually sleeping on her side right now it’s helping a little

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Ok, 102 is not as bad for an infant as it seems. Babies generally handle much higher temps than older children or adults do. The Tylenol seems to have done the trick anyway, so don’t panic. Take her to the doctor in the AM if she doesn’t seem better by then. Please keep us posted!

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Thanks so much !

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