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When did you grow up?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30606points) September 1st, 2011

What happened that made you suddenly realize you were finally an adult? It might be buying a car on your own for the first time. It might be a child calling you sir or ma’am. Perhaps it was when your siblings began having children and suddenly you were an aunt or uncle.

I think I became an adult the day I first stood in front of a classroom as the teacher.

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When I realized that I am not immortal.

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When I totaled my first car.

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I don’t think I’m there yet.

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After I graduated from basic military training. But I will always have my inner child.

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When I realized I always had a CHOICE in a matter and was not just aimlessly being controlled by external circumstances!

I think I was 40! hahaha

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When the Predictor turned blue.

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When my balls dropped, it registered a hefty 4.6 on the prickter scale…..i’m a man!! I yelled as i played with my toy boats in de bath.

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When I made my first kill.

I don’t like bugs.

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Still working on it :-/

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There was no such moment and I’m not even sure it has happened yet.

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I’m not sure when it happened, but for the past few years I have made an effort to grown down in many ways.

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Probably tomorrow, I’m only 64 so I have time to grow up.

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A few years back, when my grandfather died. Once dead, there was an internal silence in me I’d never experienced before. I knew I still had friends and loved ones but I felt totally alone inside, as if I had to be better about everything I did than before. It was strange but that’s how it happened and by degrees I’ve come to feel “normal”, adult.

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Five minutes ago.

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When the missus and I had our first child. People were now depending on me to function as an adult and take care of them. It couldn’t just be all about me and my needs anymore.

stoopid kids

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I don’t know that I’ve had any standout realization like this yet, so maybe I haven’t grown up still. :)

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@Blondesjon I hadn’t realized it wasn’t.

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I’m still waiting.

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When I went to Burger King and ordered a kid’s meal, so that I could obtain one of the Dragonball Z figurines that came with it.

They didn’t even want to sell me a kid’s meal…

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I was forced to grow up real quickly when my dad left.

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@janbb . . . i gave up just enough for them to have turned out pretty well.

oh wait, we’re back to me again

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I think that I started to grow up when after I joined the U.S.Army right after college. Then when I bought a house in San Francisco I make a huge leap to becoming an adult. I don’t know it I ever really grew up to be 100% adult but I came close. Now at age 60 I’m starting to revert backwards. HA!

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I’m with @rebbel When I found out I was pregnant with my first kid. Then I realized I had to straighten out and stop thinking only about myself and my life.

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I think I’m transitioning now.

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Although I semi grew up when I left education and started work at 16 years old I really grew up when I moved into my flat on my own.

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I grew up a long time ago and it was mainly because our family had a lot of problems. I had a chance .. take some responsibilities or end up without a warm home. I was forced to but it did not bother me that much. As a grown up I have the time to still act goody sometimes so it’s all good.

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I’ve still working on it….. but I can remember back to the winter of ‘61. I had just turned 18 and I walked into a loan shop for the first time in my life, and they gave me money! I really felt grown up.

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Old as I am, there are ways in which I never grew up. I still get a burst of childish joy at little things that most people seem to ignore. I really don’t want that to go away.

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I had my first adult “inkling” when I bought a car with my own money, at age 18. I’ve grown up a little here and there, over the years, when I hit certain milestones- having the guts to abandon a bad relationship, getting married, having a child, making that first mortgage payment…

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When I moved to Georgia and taught in my first classroom. I was paying all my bills and managing on my own. I realized that I could do it and do it pretty well.

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When I realized I was the one who had the power over my life and that I could control my energy, not incidents around me, but my energy.

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When my parents divorced.
When my sisters left.
When my brother left.
When Nick moved away.
When I finally stopped cutting myself.
I couldn’t be a kid anymore after all that…

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Recently, when I finished high school and looked at the building of my college. I knew the time for fun and games was over and now it was all serious work. After college I would have to go to university and then do a job and then get married and the have kids.

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Not there yet! Can account for the milestones that suggest I did but don’t know if I have ever felt like I arrived or rather broke from feeling like I was not. Don’t get me wrong, I can list some accomplishment and have a full portion of life’s venom. I just realize how much I still have to grow emotionally, intellectually and on and on and I realize more and more how little I knew yesterday and still today.

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Last Wednesday when Megan Fox came over.

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Megan Fox visited you? Isn’t she great! We had a lot of fun when she visited me.

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Sloppy seconds bitchslap!

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