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What are some degrees that only require a year of school ?

Asked by partyrock (3870points) September 1st, 2011

I don’t know what to do in school. Besides an LVN, what other schooling programs that only take a year to complete ? Trade schools perhaps ? I don’t want to do anything medical, or dental assisting. What else can I do for one year that involves schooling ? Thanks

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Certified to be a daycare provider?

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I don’t know. Never took kids or babies before. I want to know the other options besides becoming an LVN…. Other degrees or schools that take a year…..

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@RedPowerLady – Do you know how much Daycare providers make and how long the school is ?

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You don’t get a degree in one year, but rather a Certificate.
Paralegal, Computer Repair, desktop publishing, webmaster, appliance installation or repair, cosmetology, massage therapy, life coach are just a few examples.

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@YARNLADY – My mistake, not a degree.

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@YARNLADY – Do you know how I can find more info ? Should I google “trade schools” ? Or call a community college ? Where can I find a list that would name jobs or careers ?

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From what I know it takes about a year to get licensed. Pay depends on how much you charge people. Call local home daycares and ask how much they charge.

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@partyrock Yes, do a search for Trade Schools

P. S. I don’t use Google to do my internet searches, I use Every search is an automatic donation to my favorite charity.

Edit: or look at the offerings for your local City College. They are much more reputable than most career colleges

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@YARNLADY – Thank you. Do you think I can take school for a year that would allow me to be able to help people ? Like help people other than medically ?

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@YARNLADY – You mean community college or trade school ?

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some of those one year trade schools are a total rip off. They get you to sign for a student loan that would take you 5 years salary to pay off. In the meantime, you could have gotten the same job with on the job training.
A job that pays just as good and is entry level with chances for promotion is an apartment leasing agent. You help people find homes. You can also get your Realtors license in most states. If you invest as much into your real estate business as you would into a business college you will have enough money to market yourself and make pretty good money.

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Most counseling positions that are for pay, from what I understand, take an advanced degree to get you started so wouldn’t be an option if you only want to take a year for school.

But you can volunteer at counseling centers or any of the dozens of other places that need help in order to help people, if that’s your goal. It may also be a great way to see if that’s really where your future lies without the large commitment to school.

Is there something else you might be interested in to pay the bills?

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@partyrock I believe community college is the best way to go. To help people, take some courses on Political Science and go into political activism.

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There are a number of 1 year Master’s degree programs such as the Ed.M. degree at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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