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Have you ever been to a fortune teller of any kind?

Asked by FluffyChicken (5486points) September 1st, 2011

Ever had your tarot or your palm read, or gone to a psychic of any kind? Share your experiences. What was it like? How accurate was the reading? Do you think the reading was legitimate, or generalized BS? Discuss!

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Yes I visited a couple. The ones I visited were really attentive to what you were wearing, how were you talking /moving/acting, what were you saying just so they can get an idea of what I wanted to hear. I don’t consider them to be bullshit but if you don’t have premonitions you aren’t able to do a lot for the one coming to you for “guidance”.

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@Hibernate unless you also have skills similar to those needed to be a psychotherapist.

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Three times, if I recall correctly. One was at a mystic convention held at the hotel where I worked and was allowed to participate when off-duty. All three times, it was unimpressive when it came to the results.

I was once interrogated by a former FBI agent who worked in Loss Prevention when our hotel had a series of bank deposit thefts committed internally. He was much better suited at asking questions, reading body language and coming to a conclusion than any fortune teller that I’ve met.

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Sure. I was under 21, drunk and with a good looking para legal I met at a club.
She thought we should get our fortunes told before we went back to her place.
I thought it was absolute and total bullshit, but it seemed like a small price to pay, plus I did all sorts of crazy shit when I was younger.

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Last year, I had my cards read for the first time. My hubby and I were in New Orleans for our 10th anniversary and I wanted to do it just for fun. The lady was scary accurate.

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I used to read cards and runes and such myself. Got bored of it.

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My bestest friend has read my tarot cards a few times, but it’s always about my interpretation, not that the cards actually “say” anything.

I’ve been to a psychic twice. The first time was vague, and the few specific things she said have never happened. If she had been right, I would have a career in welding right now. The second one I went to on the night of my now ex-husband’s bachelor party. I went with no make-up, in an outfit that did me no favors and I took off my engagement ring. She told me that I shouldn’t feel bad about not having found someone yet and that my time would come. She wasn’t too happy after I told her that I was engaged and getting married in a week’s time! And she didn’t get anything else right either.

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@FluffyChicken it’s all about having a good observation spirit. You don’t need doctorates and such but only a good perception and a fast interpretation of what you see.

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I have. She told me that I would marry a man with the initial J and meet him at a place that started with an M. Very general. But very true. I did marry a man with the first name starting with a J and met at a place starting with the letter M. I had totally forgotten it, but the friend that went with me reminded me about it right before we got married.

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A mutual friend with my now ex husband did an elaborate tarot reading and birth chart for me. It was really interesting and entertaining at the time though I can’t recall anything of it right now.

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I went to see a woman who was a Zoroastrian. She said I would have a job that involved a lot of travel by the time I was 37 and would be financially stable by the same age. Hasn’t happened, drats… However, she said some things that were really accurate about my personality and said not to waste my quirky mind. I’m still hoping the traveling thing comes true!

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I have. I had cards read at a party by some gypsy lady that showed up thinking it was a different house. That was pretty funny. I played along. The reading pretty much said I was going to die young. I didn’t give it much thought. I’m still alive.

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No, but I was present while a friend of mine was getting her fortune read. Once it got juicy she asked my friend for more money.

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No, that type of thing scares me. I am always worried that I will be told something that will upset me and, seeing as I over analyse everything, it would probably make me paranoid. I don’t even read horoscopes for the same reason.

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@Leanne1986 it used to scare me quite a bit as well, after a shitty experience with the death card at my Jr.High graduation dance. When I got home my favorite guinea pig had died of heat stroke, but he WAS old…Now I read tarot myself. It’s funny how life can turn around.

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@FluffyChicken Poor guinea pig :(

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Fortune tellers come to me! Once I had a gypsey who just walked into the store i worked at and started reading my life out of the blue. It was super freaky. As she told me that someone i knew wanted to steal my identity and practiced voodoo on me. Another time was a freaky ass gypsey again who knew nothing. I on the other hand, am a little spirtualist myself and am very good with tarot readings.

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@Sher_King I have had “fortune tellers” approach e on the odd occassion as well. I try to politely tell them that I don’t want to know anything and walk away.

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@Leanne1986 yeh I understand your attitude. But sometimes im just tooo curious. Inspite the nonesense. :)

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@Sher_King My problem is, I don’t always think it’s nonsense. If I did then I would be more inclined to listen to them just for shits and giggles but I actually find it creepy that they may tell you something that will come true. I don’t like the idea that someone else knows my future, good or bad.

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True @Leanne1986. I usually believe in these things too. But from what i heard, it was too sombre for my taste so I chose not to accept it. I also believe that even if someone can read your future, you always have the power to change it :)

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