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Aren't global warming Cassandras (like, say, Al Gore) just a little bit creepy in a sort of narcissistic way?

Asked by josie (27501points) September 1st, 2011

I am not talking about suburban joggers in ball caps who dutifully separate their garbage. Nothing wrong with that, especially if it gives your life meaning.

I am talking about the true believers. I will use Al Gore as an example, but he is certainly not the only one, just a visible one.

Al Gore, it seems, believes that humanity is stupid and or evil, and a kind of viral blight upon the planet (except for HIM, of course, who is smarter and more enlightened).

Plus, because they are so stupid and or evil they must be controlled and regulated by government (provided, of course, that government positions are occupied by people like HIM).

If you saw that attitude any place else, you might wonder about whom you were dealing with. You would at least roll your eyeballs.

So why aren’t people like Al Gore regarded as creepazoids?

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I just don’t like the look of the man. Reminds me of the kid at school who ate his snots & then wrote a thesus on the subject of all things mucus related. I just bet he wears Superman pj’s to bed as well.

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“Plus, because they are so stupid and or evil they must be controlled and regulated by government (provided, of course, that government positions are occupied by people like HIM).” Isn’t that essentially everyone who has or wishes to attain a government position? [;

Anyway, if the people who constantly talk about global warming really believe in global warming and aren’t just talking about it to get a higher position of power, I don’t think they’re creeps. I think they’re trying to ‘save’ the planet as we know it, whether it requires saving or not. Nothing wrong with putting all of your energies toward doing what you think is right, as long as you’re not hurting people.

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Global warming has become a religion of sorts and people like Al Gore are the priests.
You are a heretic if you don’t believe.
For the record,I think that Al Gore is a dogmatic creep.

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Aren’t global warming Pollyannas (like, say, Michele Bachmann) just a little bit creepy in a sort of narcissistic not to mention uneducated science denier way?

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I can certainly understand why the attitude rubs you the wrong way, but what if he’s right and our behavior really is causing damage to the earth? Wouldn’t that truly make us “a kind of viral blight upon the planet”?

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@Mariah There are a million “what ifs”. Just a matter of picking one I suppose.

@augustlan I don’t know much about Michelle Bachmann other than a lot of people in the press apparently think she is crazy. Maybe she is. But I doubt that she is inclined to use the force of federal law to force you to be steward of the planet according to her whim. What science? Never mind. Too many endless threads to start a new one.

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@josie No, but I’m sure she is inclined to use it to undo current regulations, and to prevent new ones from coming in. How is it any different? Every politician will try to use their position and power to back what they feel is right.

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I’ll admit I don’t find Al Gore and his antics creepy at all. I was in my 20s when he was Vice President, and I supported the Clinton administration. I bought Al’s book, Earth In The Balance. I may not believe in the whole global warming hype, but I have Al to thank for making me more aware of my actions and the things I can do to help. Even if it’s just a little bit by picking up litter, recycling, turning the lights out when I’m not in the room, yada yada yada.

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What’s retarded are the people believing the corporate-sponsored message that humans are not affecting the climate of the planet.

Ordinary scientists have been saying that decades before most people had ever heard of Al Gore.

But yes, it can seem a bit creepy the way some people come off when talking about it. That doesn’t make it any less clear that we are destroying our planet because of unrestrained greed, and that there are things we could do to change that.

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So I take it that you don’t accept the evidence for anthropgenic climate change, but only had logical fallacies at your disposal?

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I have trouble understanding what part of “fighting” against global warming is so distasteful to people.

The gist of the “fight” could be boiled down to one rule, don’t pollute.

Put another way, don’t shit (or worse) where you or your children plan on breathing, eating, or drinking.

It seems a solid policy at all levels and if people need to be regulated to make it happen, then I don’t find that stifling. What industry should be allowed exception to that? How does that stifle creativity or keep anyone from innovating their business.

Cars in the 60’s were friggen awesome, they put out tons of horsepower, were distinctive and people still love them.

Then came federal regulation and smog laws, cars in the 70’s, with a few exceptions generally sucked, they were anemic and couldn’t get out of their own way. There wasn’t much innovation right away.

Then the industry adapted, and now I can get a family-mobile that will smoke anything that was on a lot in the 60’s, get 25 mpg, haul 6 people and groceries, survive a 40mph impact, and pass any smog test in the country.

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@josie I suggest you watch this. Yea is true that humans may not be the cause of global warming but given those 4 possible outcomes it seems pretty obvious how we should act.

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Say it with me one more time. It isn’t global warming, it is climate change.

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Global warming: the increase in Earth’s average surface temperature due to rising levels of greenhouse gases.

Climate change: a long-term change in the Earth’s climate, or of a region on Earth.

copied here for myself and anyone else who was wondering what the difference was – Source

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