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What do you think Emperor Palpatine's name is?

Asked by incendiary_dan (13352points) September 1st, 2011

My partner and I realized the other day that none of the movies or books of Star Wars ever say what the Emperor’s first name is, if he even has one. This is apparently a big thing, an unsolved bit of lore. On the planet he’s supposed to be from people have two names. What do you think his name is, or at least should be?

Apparently a common joke is that his name is Frank, because somewhere in the prequels he says “I must be frank.”

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Boner Jamz

Though in all seriousness, I think from what I gather on both wikipedia and wookiepedia, that he is mononomial

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Which suggests, it seems, that he wasn’t really from Naboo, but that the persona of Palpatine was an invented one. That supports the idea that he was raised by the Sith specifically to fill a role in their plot.

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It’s either Emperor or Milord.

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@incendiary_dan interesting suggestion.

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I’ve been particularly nerdy lately.

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Palpatine could be a first name, not a last name. In which case, Palpatine Smythe.

Palpatine could have been his choice of political name, if his original name was “too ethnic.” Or too alien. Like how Tony Bennett was shortened from Beneddetto, or how Grand Admiral Thrawn was originally Mitth’raw’nuruodo. In which case, Pal’patini’panini.

If he was raised by the Sith specifically to become the Galactic Emperor, then Darth Sidious is his true name. And maybe he didn’t have a name before he became a Darth. If he was raised by Sith, they were probably more interested in twisting him to the Dark Side than thinking of cute baby names.

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It could be Pedro, it could be Emperor, or it could resemble the naming conventions of terrestrial kings and popes, where they use stage names instead of what’s on their birth certificates.

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Its never really known. He’s said he’s from Naboo but I think as you do that, that was an invented thing for political positioning. When he came to power he more than likely erased all possible roots leading back to his lineage. From what Ive read it suggests that Palpatine was trained by Plagueis from a young age though we dont know exactly how young. Its very likely that Plagueis took Palpatine from his family at a young age when he recognized the true power waiting to be unleased with some training. Its possible Palpatine himself doesnt even know his real name.

He does have one known relative. Ederlathh Pallopides though this was his grand niece so there is no way to tell if Pallopides was even Palpatine’s original last name.

As an aside nerdy thing, Palpatine wouldnt be raised by the Sith. Just Plagueis. The only sith alive would be Plagueis and his master since they lived a little over 900 years after Bane enacted the rule of two. And im sure Plaguesis would keep Palpatine hidden from his master.

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Cos (Dashit), Dantius, and Ethril have been championed by a few sources and forums as the potential first name for Palpatine. Here is a relatively lucid article on the subject. I’m going to say that officially his name is unknown.
But if we were on first name basis I’d probably be calling him Darth.

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I’m voting for Steve or Pedro. He seems like a Steve of a Pedro.

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@incendiary_dan Quick rule of thumb: there are no Nazi’s named Steve.

Padmé Amidala’s real name is Padmé Naberrie. She had the name change when she took the throne. After she left the throne, she retained the Amidala name. It is therefore possible that Palpatine’s name isn’t even Palpatine.
I suspect his first name might be Jar Jar.

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Cuddles. Emperor Cuddles Palpatine ne` Binks.

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Tarquin Fin-tim-lin-bin-whin-bim-lim-bus-stop-F’tang-F’tang-Olé-Biscuitbarrel Palpatine

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Christine “are my teeth clean” Palpatine.
He’s probably only got a surname coz it says so in the script, just a wild guess.

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Aside from Anakin/Vader, we don’t know any of the Sith’s full names. Dooku/Tyranus is just Dooku. Darth Maul is just Darth Maul. And yes, I realize that they’re all from different planets and that naming conventions might be different, but once Sith become Sith, they pretty much lose their pre-Sith names and just go by titles anyway.

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@Seelix Uhhh… Marry me?

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@tedd – Sorry, there’s a 6-foot, 180lb nerd over here who knows how lucky he is ;)

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@Seelix I’m 6’1” and about the same weight… you’ll never know the difference….

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@tedd – I’ll keep that in mind ;)

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Joseph Ratzinger.

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@Seelix I can think 1 Pre Rise of the Empire era Darth that we know their first name. Dessel = Darth Bane As far as I can tell no one from Apatros had a last name at all since it was pretty much a slave planet so Bane would have no real last name. Any Sith coming before Bane and a bit after Revan and Malak (who’s real name is alek) wouldnt have used the Darth title so they would simply go by their own name. Revan and Malak pretty much brought the Darth thing back so pre them for a while sith simply went by their own name as well, ie Exar Kun. I can only think of one New Republic Sith that we know his full name though. Jacen Solo- Darth Caedus

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@uberbatman – I hear ya, but I wasn’t taking expanded universe into account. Personally, I’m only familiar with film canon, but I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the expanded universe went into more detail, what with all the novels and whatnot.

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@Seelix ahh got ya. I highly HIGHLY suggest you read the Darth Bane trilogy. He makes Vader and the Emperor look like pussies in comparison. The Thrawn trilogy is also extremely good.

The movies are my least favorite part of star wars. Is that bad?

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Ditto to what @uberbatman said. Loved the Thrawn Trilogy, and I’m reading one of that author’s later duologies. Any of them by Timothy Zahn is probably going to be good.

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@incendiary_dan The Hand of Thrawn?If you havent read it yet I also suggest you read Outbound Flight. Its pretty cool to go back and read about it after its mentioned so much in those books. I made it my mission to read every Zahn Star Wars novel during my breaks at school last year. I cant say I read one I didnt like, most I loved.

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I actually read Outbound Flight as my first Star Wars novel. Now that I’ve read Survivor’s Quest, I want to go back to it.

Have you read his most recent one? It was just pointed out to me by @hobbitsubculture. I think that means we’ll be getting it soon. :)

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Shittt I didnt know it came out already. I have a hard time reading during the summer for some reason. its a bit backwards you’d think with the free time I would lol. Ill have to read that.Thrawn is my favorite character next to Bane so i’d love to read another book with him, and itd be nice to read more about Mara Jade back when she was the Emperor’s Hand. I’m really looking forward to the release of Mandorla.

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